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Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by BMason, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. BMason

    BMason New Member

    Buying a rebuild kit for 4L60E and wondering if it is worth an extra $50 for the Alto clutch upgrade corvette servo and hardened sun carrier. Cash is a big factor but I dont want a tranny thats going to burn the 3/4 clutches up right away. Dont anticipate much towing use other than snowmobiles and boat.
  2. Boonduff

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    If it makes you feel better go for it. My 4L60E has 182,000 with lots of towing and when it finally goes I'll rebuild it back to stock specs. The stock 4L60E is a excellant transmission and will last a long time if it's maintained properly and the fluid temp is kept in check.
  3. mike 96 ws6

    mike 96 ws6 New Member

    You didn't mention what vehicle/year but looking at your profile I assume it's your 1996 chevy K1500.
    If so, I would not spend the extra $ for a heavy duty sun shell. The 700r4's and early 4l60e's used a weak design but the 96 4l60e sun shell design is plenty strong for your application. Also, for the original K1500 transmission the 2nd apply servo is a plenty strong so no need for an upgrade.
    On the other hand, I'd highly recommend Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels. And I'd recommend replacing the complete overun clutch apply piston. Doing so will help eliminate 3-4 clutch failure. The seal is integrated and won't come with any rebuild kit. Here is the one I pulled out of the 4l60e in my 96 trans am.
    Good luck! :happy:

  4. BMason

    BMason New Member

    Thanks Mike for the great info, its always reassuring to have some facts from some one who has been there. Waiting for the rebuild kit with the new apply piston, thought that was a good idea since only the 3/4 cluches were bad. Really excited to put this back together and get my truck on the road.

    Got this truck as payment for two years of farm and home work knowing the engine was bad. I was able to get an engine for nothing buying a van for scrap price and loading it up with junk. It was a late night but I was happy to hear that baby hum, was taken down a notch the next morning though when the tranny wouldnt shift into third. If it wasnt such a nice truck I may not have kept moving forward. By the way found out the truck was bought for $100 before given to me, nice value to my work (gotta love family,I guess).
  5. mike 96 ws6

    mike 96 ws6 New Member

    It may not be easy finding an overun clutch piston with the integrated (molded-on) seal online. I get them from my local GM dealer for ~ $30 wholesale/ retail is ~ $40. It's the first piston on this list. Part # 24205273. The other 2 pistons on the list are foward clutch and 3-4 clutch, but the seals on those are replaceable with the parts in your rebuild kit.

    Depending on what farm work was involved - that's a good price for a nice Chevy truck - even with a bad motor and tranny! :great:

    Have fun!!!
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