need help remove power windows motor, regular while windows stuck

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  1. oldmanstruck

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    Seen some online videos but wouldn't find any that help with my problem.
    When pressing the power window switch, only hear grinding noise, windows won't go up or down. So I removed the panel and since the windows is on the up position, I can't move it down at all, just a couple inches and that's about it.

    Not sure what to do next, I can unbolt the regulator but don't think I can remove it out from the panel while the glass is still attached and also due to the opening of the bare metal.

    Any help will be great. My suburban is 1988.

    Also the rear left windows is not working at all. Not sure what's going on and I don't seems to able to locate part for that. Wonder if the switch is bad or not (both switches on driver side and the one on the rear left don't work) any idea?

    With both windows not working currently on the left, it is very frustrated :(
  2. kw70chevy

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    i just removed the window out of my 97 tahoe while it was up pull your door panel off disconnect wires there will be another black panal behind it with 7mm screws 1 10 mm screw. ease it forward and remove door handle rods.ease the panal down and your window will drop down.slide the panal towards the front till your roller will comes out of the track.then slide it the other way to get the oher one off.
  3. janikphoto

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    It won't help much for your '88, but my '99 wasn't too hard at all.
  4. kw70chevy

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    that panal that regulator is mounted to un bolts should have bolts all the way around it . unbolt it slide the regulator out of the window tracks chevys all the same from 88 to 98.
  5. janikphoto

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    I don't think the 88 suburban is the 90's era body style, so it shouldn't be the same. It should still be 80's style doors/windows. And they went to 1999, not 1998. It sounds like you are thinking of the pickups, instead.
  6. kw70chevy

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    sorry about that it can still be done just a little more dfficult.remove door trim remove the arm rest bracket and the pull assist handle bracket remove the bolts from the remote control assembly and position it to one side remove the outer glass seal and the rear run glass channel remove the regulator to door panal nuts and screws pull the rear of up as far as possible and rotate it clockwise about 90 degress to remove the glass from the door disconnect the eletrical harness from the regulator and turn the motor through 90 degree at this point the following operation must be carried out to relieve the tension from the counter balance spring drill a hole through the regulator sector gear and backplate do not drill closer than a 1/2 inch to the edge of the gear or plate install a self tapping sheet matal screw 10-12x3/4 into the hole to lock the sector gear remove the screws which hold the motor to the regulator and withdraw the motor.
  7. oldmanstruck

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    thanks for the info guys.
    I was able to get to it yesterday. Removing the panel is fairly easy and Youtube has a video on that style which help a lot.

    For the regulator, there are only a few nuts and bolts. The hard part is try to get it out from the door. my 88 has a small opening on the top. I actually have someone holding the glass so I can remoe the regulator (the rollers) off the winodws track. It took a bit of time. Once the rollers are off, then I have to figure out how to remove the whole thing out from that little opening (with my wife still holding on the glass :()

    I cut a 2x4 as a temp support so my wife didn't need to keep holding that piece of glass. It didn't take me long.

    drilling hold and using a screw to keep the tension part from most repair manual, I skipped that part. I just use my feet, step on the regulator to keep the tension while trying to remove the motor. It turns out the motor was busted so I ordered a new one with a regulator for $60 online.
  8. oldmanstruck

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    I created a new post to host all my DIY so please go here for future update

    You should able to find more pictures and info from the thread below

    My 1988 suburban project, mostly DIY

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