Need help with 73 Jimmy 3-speed linkage

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by Justin Martinelli, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Justin Martinelli

    Justin Martinelli New Member

    wAs having trouble shifing out of first gear now i cant get it in to gear. I tighten the lingage i moved them manually so i need to rest it and looks like the metal shifter where the linkage meets the drive-train has slipped
  2. Justin Martinelli

    Justin Martinelli New Member

    73 gmc jimmy

    Let me try this again. I have a 1973 GMC Jimmy, 5.7 350 v8 engine and it "3 on the tree" manual transmission. My question is this I am having a hell of a time shifting between gears to the point im getting stuck in first and the other day it wouldn't move at Al. I had the linkage replaced once already and it appears that one of the metal tabs that engage the linkage when you shift has slipped off. I did get it to go between first and reverse but it makes this loud clanking sound which im guessing the linkage is bouncing around. Ive heard something that this linkage setup was flawed and there is a way of fixing it if you could either explain it to me or point where to go id appreciate it.
  3. tbplus10

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    It wasnt so much that the 3 on the tree linkage was flawed, it was more along the lines that most people didnt know how to properly shift them and usually bound them up or were hard on them.
    After almost 40 years I would have to believe the linkage is severly worn.
    Have you thought about going to a floor shifter?
    Back in the day most didnt repair the column shifters, they just replaced them.
    Hurst makes an inexpensive replacement shifter for your truck and I'm sure theirs other manufacturers out there too.
  4. Justin Martinelli

    Justin Martinelli New Member

    the linkage was replaced but i think i need to reset it back to zero if that makes sense its out of alignment, where would i find a site on how Ive been looking, thanks for your suggestion but i think I want to keep on the column for now
  5. Ethan

    Ethan Rockstar 100 Posts

    From what I've heard, messing with the column shifters is an awful nightmare, you'd be better off switching to a floor shifter. I don't know of many technicians that can actually work on them, usually only the older techs, if they are still alive, know how to work on them and even then getting them aligned correctly was a pain to them.

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