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    I put an aftermarket back up camera on my truck. It's wired to the reverse lights for camera power then the RCA cable runs to the cab to a 7" monitor. My monitor is always on even when I turn the truck off. I wired it to the fuse box but all the fuses seems to be hot all the time. The red power cable is ran to the fuse box and the black ground and blue accessory cable are grounded to a bolt under the dash. My questions is if there is anyway to make the monitor turn off when I turn the truck off? Did I wire it wrong? The instructions were awful and went off common sense to wire it. Thanks, Brett
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    Im guessing from your screen name the truck in question is an 08 Sierra.
    NNBS trucks are kind of a pain to wire in accessories, on my own truck I tried to find a keyed power source under the dash for a CB, after failing to do that I ended up installing two fuse blocks under the hood.
    I have one wired as full time hot for things like bed lights and underhood lights, and thr other is run through a relay with a keyed on signal wire.
    Most items wired to the fuse box are full time hot as their operations are controlled by the body control module.
    Hope this helps solve your wiring issues.

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