Need help with choosing a gear ratio.

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    Alright, I have a reg. cab 08 2wd silverado v6 with 3.23 gears and 265/65r/18 tires. At exatly 80mph I run at 2,000 rpms. I'm going with this tire that is a true 35.1 in diam. when i install a 5in. lift kit ontop of my 2.5 in. to give me a total of 7-7.5.

    What size of gears should I go with?? I've been thinking about 4:56 but i'm not sure. I would like my rpms to be a little higher, eg. 2200 at 80mph. To help a little bit when going up hills. I go camping a lot so I do a LOT of highway driving. Would really like some advise.
    Thanks everyone!

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    need help with choosing a gear ratio

    If you are staying with the 2.5 lift and not lifting your truck any higher than 35s will not fit. You need six inches of lift to get 35s on your truck. If you install a six inch kit than Id go with 4.10 or 4.56 gears.
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    Yes, i'll be adding another 5in. suspension lift on top of what i have now.

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