NEED HELP WITH CODES 22,32,35,37,54 1992 k1500

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    hey guys whats up i am new here and having a serious problem with my truck! first off its a 1992 GMC sierra K1500 with a 5.7 350. i live and Canada and last week my rad cracked the plastic tank on the side. so i replaced the rad, hoses, thermostat, and radiator cap. so fast forward a few days i go to start my truck on this really cold night. starts fine as it should go inside for a minute come back out to the truck jumping around in rpm and idling high around (1500 rpm) with the check engine light on. so i drive it to the store turn it of go buy my stuff come back out start it runs fine no check engine light. couple days later the same thing happens so i jumped the pins on the obd1 connector this is what i got.

    22-Throttle position sensor or circuit (voltage low)
    32-EGR circuit
    35-Idle air control Valve/ Circuit
    54-Fuel pump circuit (voltage low)

    i have replaced the idle air control valve, rebuilt the tbi less then a month ago. i replaced all the egr lines because they were cracked. this problem only happens once and a while though almost like a lose connection but i checked all the connections. i don't want to go out and buy whole bunch of sensors and hopes one of them fixes it! i read some were it could be a coolant temp sensor? any way i hope you guys can help me get rid of these codes and we can all work together!:great:
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    Have the battery load tested at the parts store and if it's OK, check all of the electrical connections. It sounds like its a low voltage problem. I once had a battery short out and the computer went nuts on all of the false readings and the engine did everything including backfiring but run smoothly. I might have had to have it jump started, I do not remember but I immediately went to the nears store and had the battery changed out. Your battery could be shorting out then the short breaks open for a while, then a few days later, maybe on a bump on the road, the short comes back. Coolant could have sprayed in the engine compartment and an old connection has corrosion. I start looking at the ground wire to the chassis and engine block. Maybe a battery cable is toasted.

    Also check the ECM (Electronic Control Module) connector. This the the computer, it's under the dash or in the engine compartment.
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