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    Hello Everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with finding a good leather care kit for my seats. and any tips or tricks on how to clean my seats. by the way they are a Light tan color. I belive its called Light Titanium.

    Any Information would be helpful.

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    My first truck had tan leather seats and they were a pain to keep clean, I always liked Meguires two step cleaner. The first step is an actual cleaner that you rub in to the material, then you take a clean rag and kind of buff it out and it doesn't streak or get slimy. Then step 2 is an aloe and protectant, it keeps the leather soft and keeps it from cracking from the sun light. Both steps will cost you about $20 total, and it usually lasts all summer.

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    the best way to get dirt out is a magic ereaser the mr clean white sponge things there amazing you just need to hit the seat with a good condition after the best part is your only using water no chemicals
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    I have been detailing since 1995 and the best line of products I have found are located here: I had a Clothing Cleaner shop buy the leather cleaner from me cause they thought it was the best & I agree!

    Good Luck and let me know if you have any questions........

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