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    ok so i bought a flip kit for the suburban and i am afraid the drop is going to be too low. but i planned on putting monroe air shocks to pump it back up. but i want to be able to control the lift and height inside the car and one know how i can do this? i already looked into those kits by airlift but they are way out of my budget. does anyone know how i can create a kit where i can do this?
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    If your using air shocks for lift you can get an underhood air compressor, plumb it to an auxilary air tank under the truck somewhere, mount an inline regulator in the cab and plumb it to the shocks.
    This is a poor mans air ride system. I've seen guys with extra long shocks get lots of lift this way.
    Be warned though air shocks will make for an extremely stiff ride.
  3. Cableguy

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    A flip kit is very low on a Suburban. It leaves about 3" from axel to frame so I do suggest looking into a "C" notch in frame too. After that its personal preference "Air ride" is the one I've used before.

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