Need help with easy ways to improve appearance of my 2007 Silverado LTZ Classic 1500.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Fathtastic, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. SurrealOne

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    Actually, I doubt you're in the minority, here, with that opinion. I agree with it 100%...
  2. Fathtastic

    Fathtastic New Member

    IMG_3999.jpg IMG_4001.jpg IMG_4002.jpg HERe are a few pictures of my truck! thanks!
  3. Fathtastic

    Fathtastic New Member

    IMG_3999.jpg IMG_4001.jpg IMG_4002.jpg Here she is.
  4. moogvo

    moogvo Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    If it was mine (and what a great looking ride it is)... i would put on a tonneau cover, maybe more aggressive tires and be done with it.
  5. donyms

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    Welcome to the club, nice truck. I agree with most of what was said above but the truck has to be pleasing to you and you only. Trust me, do it up the way you want and there will be people that agree with what you have done and others that wont. What you want it to look like is totally up to you but like [MENTION=12002]moogvo[/MENTION] said, don't do it up like everybody else. Be original, don't be cheap, do your research and do what you like. :glasses:
  6. ntbush83

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    Here's one suggestion I have! Haven't looked around at a ton of options because all my favorite wheels that I want on my truck someday are way to $$$! Thats why I don't have them :lol:

  7. Jeremy09LTZCrew

    Jeremy09LTZCrew Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    I agree to a point with what both Moogvo and Donyms said. As I've thought about what to do with my truck, one thing has become clear: Know what you want the end result to be. It doesn't make sense to spend money on something that looks good now only to find it's out of place in the end. As an example, with my white diamond paint and chrome accessories, I know my black wheels don't really fit. I got them because I'm working on replacing all the chrome with either body match items or black. Therefore, it's the end result I have in mind.

    Second, realize that sometimes the best changes you can make are subtle ones. Do you ever see a truck you know has been modded, but aside from maybe a lift and tires no one thing just stands out to you as to what was changed? It's the overall truck you want looking nice as a whole package.

    It's about looking clean. Therefore, as I said, do some research, browse around these forums, have fun with google, and get an idea of what you want the end result to be. Once you do that, then work backward to decide what you need to get you there. From there, decide what order makes the most sense to make the changes in and know how each change effects other possible mods. I hadn't planned on wheels being my first step in the transition to black, but I bent a wheel beyond repair in a pothole and needed new tires. Therefore I just decided since I needed to buy new tires anyway, I might as well start there. I had the OEM 20" chrome wheels and found out even a used one was running 3-$400. I got the whole set of the wheels I have now for $700 and I like them better.

    Yes, I can be wordy. Sorry. Anyway, hope this helps.

    LOVINTHESTORM Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Welcome to the club!

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