Need help with engine noise.

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by Indyandy, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Indyandy

    Indyandy Rockstar

    I have a 2000 K2500 (old body style) 7.4L a/t, a/c, long bed extended cab 4x4

    Engine has a ticking noise mostly when cold. I think it is the lifters or maybe the rocker arms. Is there a way to test the lifters? This has 173k miles, so I dont know if I want to put alot of $ in it. Also, I have noticed an antifreeze odor, but have not found a leak. I had the intakes and valve cover gaskets replaced a few years ago. The GM tech who did the work though, really screwed up everything else I had him do. He installed the carrier bearing on backwards and didn't press it on. He beat it on with a hammer.:grrrrrr: Anyway I would not be surprised if there was a problem there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. geo1

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    start up is tough on most motors,i.e. aged ones,try two oil changes in 500 miles,a cheap diagnosis,nothing like a good cleansing.if it goes away entirely when warm(before oil changes)then lifters are still adjusted properly,look towards real gauge for oil pressure,hopefully it is in range on startup
  3. James4012

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    173K miles is like half life for one of these ol beasts, it'll have plenty more if you don't have a lead foot, got one running on 358K with no problems. I've had the same problem on one of my trucks after I replaced the camshaft in it. Once I start it up it'll tap for a bit and go away, figured it was just needing the oil cycled to it. So I always waited for it to stop before driving. It cleared up on me after I dropped seafoam in the oil and changed the oil out a few days later. Only way I could say to test the lifters is pulling them out and checking the springs in them. You'd have to removed the intake, valve covers and push rods to do so. Before I cleaned mine out *and installed new lifters and push rods* I had it running with the valve covers off, even after warming up only about 6 of the 16 push rods where squirting oil, and the oil pressure was low. Cleared up with the cleansing and new hard ware.
  4. Indyandy

    Indyandy Rockstar

    I put a bottle of rislone in it and it didn't help much. 2 days later I added a bottle of cd2 (the black one) now it seems to be running alot quieter. So I am hoping a good cleaning will help. I have about 1k miles before the next oil change. Thought I might drain out 2 quarts of oil and add 2 quarts of ATF. Then run it for 500 miles or a week to clean it out. Then change out the oil and filter. What do you think?
  5. geo1

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    many old school mechanics,swore by atf cleaning,that was before cats.what about half a qt.and two days easy driving,then change,and change again in a couple more days.probably purchase top quality filter both times,i hate spending big bucks on a filter but when the need arises,oh well
  6. highspeed

    highspeed New Member

    I have tried the ATF trick on an old 383 I had a few years ago. It seemed to work great. Seafoam seems to work pretty darn well also.

    A few years ago, an old mechanic friend-of-the-family told me to break new engines in with Rotella 15-40. Since then I haven't used anything else on any oil changes. Rotella has a ton of natural attributes that make it great for breaking in motors and for use in old motors.

    I would follow the above advice and try to clean as much as you can.......and if it doesn't work then start replacing parts. I know that running Rotella seemed to quiet down some of my older jeep motors alot.
  7. geo1

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    383?how few years ago?loved that motor,they should have kept that one to
  8. Pikey

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    Someone brought up a filter. What kind of filter are you running? Many of the cheap aftermarket filters stink. They do not have an anti drain back valve. Try putting a AC delco filter on it next oil change. I have seen a few guys change from a fram filter to AC delco and the ticking went away.
  9. highspeed

    highspeed New Member

    I build this one back in 2004. It was in my 83 K5 that had 6" lift on 37" MTRs. Mine was350 with 400 crank and small "RV" cam in it. Compression was around 11:1. She would boil those 37"s nicely..........and get about 8 MPG.
  10. geo1

    geo1 Member 100 Posts

    sorry,highspeed i was thinking way back,383 (mopar)can i type that on here,my bad,anyway yes chev.383,get the most that you can,good rule of thumb

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