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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by low08, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. low08

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    im installing a system on my silverado and i need some help. how would i connect a DB Drive A5800.1D Okur A5 Series Class D Mono Amplifier (2ohm) to 2 kicker cvrs (2ohms)? Everything is already wired, i only need help on connecting the speakers to the amp... im using a converter to use the stock stereo. for some reason the stock stereo gets overheated as soon as the key is on, so i just disconnected everything for now.
  2. randomsandwhich

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    I'm a bit confused on what kind if problem our having here ....

    are you trying to run all the speakers in your truck on one amp? .. a mono amp is meant to power subwoofers and that is it.

    If you want your whole system powered I would advise buying an aftermarket head unit before procedding but heres a diagram that should help you .. note this system is using a mono amp (to power subwoofer(s)) and a 4 channel amp (to power mids and tweeters).

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    How many ohms are your subs? If you r sub is 2 ohm stable you really want 4 ohm dual voice coils. If they are 2 ohm subs I think you need to write the subs series and write the two subs parallele I believe.....if iam wrong someone will correct me:money:

    As for the head unit heating up is that something new?
  4. low08

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    I have all stock components, i am just adding a mono amp, 2 subs, and the converter box to use my stock stereo. the speakers are dvc 2ohm, and the amp is 2 ohm stable

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    The subs are kicker cvr dual voice coil, 2ohm, and for some reason the stock unit is overheating. I noticed it has a built in fan but it doesnt seem to power on.
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    The 12 Volt A great resource for all Automotive Electrical...
  6. randomsandwhich

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    what is this converter box you are speaking of? Any links on it .. i would guess that is your issue. The fan should come on when the unit gets hot enough .. what year silverado is this? Double checked connections ensuring all connections are correct . a mis matched positive and negative could be causing unit to overheat

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