need help with leveling kits for 95 gmc 1500

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by Pittsburgh1313, May 11, 2011.

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    i have a 1995 gmc 1500 ext cab and have been wanting to put a 3 inch suspension lift but i dont got the money to be spending on that and ive seen leveling kits but dont know alot about them. i was wondering how much higher it will make my truck with just a 3 inch leveling kit. right now i have 285/75 all terrain on my truck and its stock height it rubs a little but barley at all. my truck already sits level so i dont know if it will mess anything up by doing a leveling kit. as you can tell im clueless please help and upload pics of your truck too please so i can see the height with just a leveling kit on. Thank you
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    Welcome to the club. You most likely will not get 3" of lift from a leveling kit. A levling kit for your truck is just a differant set of torson keys. You can crank your torson bars up. Some trucks get 1" of lift, others 2.5" of lift. Every truck is differant. Also with some trucks cranking it will stiffen the ride. Becareful, some companies make some wild lift claims with there torson keys, some are just Ford keys that are indexed differantly from the GM's. If you crank the t/bars to much than the suspension will bottom and I've seen the CV boots pull off because of the angle caused buy to much cranking. If you can crank the bars to get 1" of lift, than you can add a 1" block to the rear.
  3. Pittsburgh1313

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    thank u. but from the sound of it ill just wait and get the 3 inch lift

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