need help with ordering the right dizzy

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by nizmo240sx, Jan 23, 2011.

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    ok let me just rephrase ma sentence..i need help ordering a distributor for the truck my cousin wants a aftermarket one like msd..need this info asap thanks
  3. nizmo240sx

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    cmon anyone I need help woth buying a distributor..
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    Just call Summit & tell them you want the MSD replacement for the GM distributor that came in your '86 C-10. Let them sort out the part number, that way if it's wrong it's their fault, not yours & they'll take it back nqa.

    **edit I know that one you're looking at is at Jegs, but you might save yourself some $$$ if you call Summit & compare prices. 1-800-230-3030 That distributor will fit (physically) but you need to read what the Jegs ad says at the bottom. I have no idea what set up you already have or if it's already been converted. If you have the hei or if you have the comp controled dist, & you are converting over, or if it has already been converted, you will need to tell them this when you order.

    MSD Ignition 8360 - MSD Billet and Pro-Billet Distributors Details

    50-state legal via EO #D-40-38
    For GM HEI replacement, kit #121-8474 is availble with a Blaster SS coil and coil wire
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