Need help with suspension. Please help!

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  1. I have a 99 2500 and it has a 6 inch suspension lift. It rides like hell! It's so still and crappy and I bounce all over the place when I hit bumps. What can I do to fix this? New shocks or what? Please help!

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    Stiff not still
  2. aloxdaddy99

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    Shocks would be a start. Bilstein 5100 series are a shock that many like.
  3. Obstetric any thing else I could do?! Or are shocks really my only option?

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    Is there anything else I can do?*
  4. Conlan Rose

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    Another suggestion would be Roadmaster Active Suspension:
    It is designed to assist the leaf spring and help it handle load and suspension movement. It improves handling and ride quality. Ask [MENTION=50075]SurrealOne[/MENTION] or [MENTION=12002]moogvo[/MENTION] about it they also can explain how you can get a discount by being a member of GMTC.
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    What manufacturer is your suspension from?
    Being it's a 2500 I suspect a lot of the stiffness is to retain load limits, shocks might help a little but the stiff springs and torsion bars wont be overcome by soft shock valving.
    Try looking at Superlifts Soft ride suspensions, or something like that.
    In this case a Roadmaster suspension wont help soften things up, while its a good suspension addition it's designed to maintain existing suspension and ride.
  6. aloxdaddy99

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    The joys of an unloaded 2500!
  7. SurrealOne

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    Spot-on. :great:

    That and most likely E-rated tires, too. This is exactly why I had a preference for a 1500 and D-rated tires. :)

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