need help with wheel bearings

Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by bart6180, Jun 29, 2007.

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    i have an 81 k-20 scottsdale i need to replace the front wheel bearings, and the problem i'm having is inside the manual locking hub the chiltons manual says remove the large snapring and the outer clutch (i think is what it's called) should just slide out problem is it seems to be hanging up on the groove for the snap ring and won't come out,anyone have any idea what to do??
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    Small regular screwdriver should do the trick. Just slip it under the snap ring when it’s in the groove.

    There are sets of hooks, for removing these things but I have had better luck with the screwdriver. About a ¼” flat blade sometimes 2 make the job easier.

    Good luck I have always had a hard time with these myself.


    I love your signature.

    But you need to add to it. Put your vehicle info under that so we know what you are talking about. Makes life easier for those trying to help. We have gotten so many new members that it’s hard to remember them all and what they drive.
  3. bart6180

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    thats the problem, i got the snap ring out ,what i'm having trouble with is the outer clutch assembly(i think is what it's called) the piece that the large snap ring holds in place and that the locking hub cover bolts to with the 6 allan head screws . i can't get that piece out of the housing to get to the nut that holds the rotor on.

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