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    That is dishonest, and makes you a liar. And if this is considered even close to an insurance related claim, it is a felony in most, if not every state. I guess you don't care about being dishonest. It is called having a conscience and you apparently have a high tolerance for being dishonest. It is people like you that run up the cost of a motor vehicle.
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    I regret that you jumped to the conclusion that I am a liar and a thief... I guess it is because I left out a key piece in my original response... I never said to hide the fact that you have a programmer. All I said is to role the tune back to stock. This would have to be done to be serviced by them.... Otherwise they will not be able to connect to it in the first place and could just blame on the programmer. It is up to them to prove the programmer caused the problem.

    Besides... I have never been able to get anything fixed under warantee with any vehicle I have had... They always come up with some excuse or other.
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    Calling me names (you said I was an "idiot") like some sort of 2nd grade playground bully does not lessen the fact that you are dishonest. And posting any type of attempt to rehabilitate your original statement completely lacks credibility. You said it, and it is dishonest, plain and simple.

    "Role" is a noun. You want to use the verb "roll" in that sentence.
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    Well I run a diablo tuner, a k&n CAI and a flowmaster exhaust. Performance really has nothing to do with what muffler you run. It has all to do with the amount of bends which restrict flow, and how much back pressure you are creating. And with the warranty I have had all of this on my truck while it was under warranty and my dealer knows bout it and they honored my warranty every time . I have had them try to blame my intake on a problem but I worked with them and proved it wasn't the intake and got the problem fixed.
    About the tune. I would do what others said and bring it back to stock before taking it in. It doesn't make you a lair unless when they ask you if you had a tuner you tell them no. I guess I have a very good relationship with my dealership. And as I can see some people are rude. If you are nice to people they will treat you nicely. Jeez I'm one of the young guys on this forum and I seem to be more respectful than the elders. Sorry for the rant at the end
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    Most programers state that you must remove the tune to have any diagnostic work done. I have to agree with a few of the above posts. If they don't ask you, then you are not being dishonest in anyway. If they ask and you lie, well then you are being dishonest. I see it as this scenario, I am not going to go to the dealer to have my truck fixed under warranty and say. Oh, before you look at it, my oil life monitor was at zero for 3 miles before I got a chance to change it.
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