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    Hello everyone, new member here. I tried doing a quick search of the forum to see if someone else had the same question as me but didnt come across anything similar. I have a 2006 Silverado Crew Cab in need of some new tires and figured that I would upgrade the wheels when it was time to get tires. I was thinking of putting either 22s or 24s but have some concerns about doing so. If I increase the wheel size, is it going to throw off my odometer readings? If so, how do I fix this? Will it also throw off my speedometer? Are there any other draw backs from putting large wheels on the truck? It is rear wheel drive and is not used for off roading what so ever. Thanks for the help guys!
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    If you change the tire size the odometer and the speedo will be affected since they work hand in hand with each other. To correct this problem you will need ether a performance programmer or a speedometer calibrator. You did not say what type of truck you have 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive so I don't know what size rims will best suit your needs.
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    As stated above, if you change the "overall" diameter of your wheels and tires it will throw off your odometer & speedometer. I have not run the larger rims with the lower profile tires, but it looks like it would sure "stiffen up" the ride. There are a lot of folks doing it so it must not be too bad. Good luck!
  4. he's right, a simple programmer will do the trick....
    you can try out SuperChips or the EDGE programmer.
    i have the SuperChips one and it works great for any tuning needs.
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    The dealer can flash the computer and reprogram the diameter of your tires to match the speedometer.
    The draw back of putting 22 or 24 inch tires is the ride is very bumpy. There isn't enough rubber to soften the bounce. So if you like a bouncy ride go for it. If not hang around the 18's or so.
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    i went from 16's to 20's on my ford explorer and the acceleration was way slower, plus it didnt stop like it did before so i got rid of them. but your truck has more power and better brakes so maybe it wont make that big of a difference.
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