Need more room in your SUV for a road trip? Here's what I do for my dog!

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by Springthing, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. Springthing

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    Well, thought I'd share what I do for my long road trips.

    Moose, my bestest buddy in the world, often comes with me/us on road trips if there's water on the other end of it. For especially long road trips it was kind of a pain for him to have to share the back with the luggage, cooler, bags, and other things we needed to bring with. So I got to walking around Lowes and have come up with a great solution.

    I make the back of the Suburban a double-decker!

    The idea started out with a dodge grand caravan we had some time ago and I've now taken it to the Suburban.

    I measure out the back cargo area and cut a 3/4" (or so) piece of plywood to length/width.

    With the back measured and cut and frame the outside edge with 2x4 (pronounced in this area as "tubafours")

    I drop the plywood on top of the rectangular 2x4 and screw the plywood down with 1" drywall screws.

    I then spend about $15 on cheap indoor/outdoor carpeting. I put it on top and staple it in place

    Next I measure how tall I want the second level (enough to clear the cooler or luggage) and cut legs out of 2x4 . I'll do the four corners and then one for the far forward, in the middle, and then nearer the back (near the rear doors) in the middle.

    I put the tubafours in place, put the plywood on top and screw down the areas with the legs.

    Now I have the whole cargo area to put luggage and stuff, and the dog also has all the cargo area's floor space to call his own for the entire trip.

    ***Special Addition for Moose! ***

    My poor guy has started to feel the pain of hip dysplaxia (however you spell it!)

    So he can't jump far, and can hardly climb. This will be a little tough to follow but bare with me if you have an older dog as well! (he's 5, but he moves like he's 10!)

    I cut out a square from the plywood in the rear that measures about 18"x18"

    To that I bolted, on the bottom side and upside down a trailer hitch with a 1" drop (keep in mind, though, it's upside down!)

    I then bordered the 18x18 hole with 1x3 strips so I can lay the piece I cut out back down and the 1x3 acts as a lip to hold the piece there.

    When wMoose has to get in I simply open the back doors, remove the piece of plywood and fit it in the trailer hitch under the bumper so he can just step up on the plywood step, step up to the cargo area's floor, and then step up to his top level. I then put the plywood piece back in place on the 1x3s and off we go!

    I apologize for making this clear as mud but I hope you get the idea - it's just a little difficult to explain unless you see it in action!
  2. Doberman

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    Thats a great Idea.......thanks! :happy:
  3. Springthing

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    I'm not sure it would work with a pick-up, though. At that point it would be more of a launch pad at the first hole or bump you'd run over. LOL
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    Great idea!
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    I don't know if I have any on this computer.. might have to take some tomorrow. But look in the next 12hrs and I'll have some up for sure if not in 5 mins!
  7. bcoffman

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  8. Springthing

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    My wife works for a company that make supplements, so we're well stocked. We keep the flare ups in check but they still happen after a day of heavy exercise. We try to keep those to a minimum.
  9. Springthing

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    The upper 'deck', the step board is in place


    The bottom of the step board showing the hitch-thingy bolted on upside down


    The step put in place on the trailer hitch though it's a little difficult to see in this picture, my apologies. But the dog steps on the step, goes to the cargo area floor then up to his carpeted level. The step gets put back in place, the dog has the whole back's floor space, and we're off!

  10. bcoffman

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    That looks good. Unfortunatley I have a tailgate and not barn doors.

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