need new crate motor-Best place to buy one?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by tamlee272, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. tamlee272

    tamlee272 New Member

    i have a 1995 gmc k1500 suburban and have been trying to figure out where the best place to buy a crate motor for it. i was thinking jc whitney because i can go ahead and get the a/c compressor and the exhaust with one transaction but would greatly appreciate some info
  2. buckmeister2

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    I was curious, so checked the JCW website, and they do not have a crate motor for your 'burb. What they have is a rebuilt long-block from several vendors. You might do better going to ebay and seeing what is available. Many of the crate motor builders have ready access to any other part you would need. You can look at the seller rating, and can look at specific comments from buyers. You can even write to recent buyers of their product, using the winning bidders contact page. Also, this subject really belongs in the appropriate suburban forum site, where you will get much better response. Good luck!!
  3. Pikey

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    Moved to GM powertrain tech sub forum. Added words to title to get more responses.

    Have you looked at a company like Jasper? How do their prices compare to getting one from GM?
  4. tamlee272

    tamlee272 New Member

    i checked a lot of different places gm was pretty expensive compared to aftermarket and i dont have any money to spen that kind of cash. i did hear to stay away from southwest engines i was going to order from there but someone told me it was garbage and used motors not rebuilt ones then i checked the internet and they had quite of few unhappy customers. i figured id just order from jc whitney because i can get the motor all the gaskets and the exhaust with one transaction and its free shipping i think the motor was like 1500.00. ty for moving it to another forum im still getting use to how these forums work
  5. stchman

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    My question is, would one want to sink all that money into an 18 year old truck? I would figure that a crate engine installed would cost well over $3K.
  6. ChevyFan

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    What motor are you looking to get?
  7. tamlee272

    tamlee272 New Member

    im doing the installation myself and just now got a job was out of work for over 2 years. gonna save money all i have to do is pull the old one my intake oil pan and all the other gadgets go right on ill just rent a puller from advance auto. i would much rather get a new truck or atleast a newer one but i like this suburban pretty good goona do that stuff have it painted later. and a new crate engine would be 5 6 or even 7000 dollars this is a rebuilt or remanufactured engine and im ok with that. if it gives me over 1000000 miles ill be ecstatic

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    i have a 1995 gmc k1500 suburban with the 5.3 just looking for easy swap but would like to add an rv cam for a little more torque. want it simple. label wires unbolt clean install start lol although i know it never goes that smooth but it saves a lot of money
  8. There's nothing wrong with that! If you get a new motor, there's no reason you can't get way more than 100,000 miles out of the Suburban. And they really just don't make trucks like they used to agree.
  9. BHatton

    BHatton New Member

    I JUST got my NEW GM Goodwrench motor delivered on 9/27... It's a 5.7 vortec long block from Jegs (1999 K1500 Suburban), delivered with no core charge for just over $2000. I looked around and can't replace the truck for that and got the GM 3yr 100k warranty.
    The long block came pretty complete... just need my water pump, distributor and intake/exhaust manifolds (and of course sensors, flex plate, etc). I snapped off some of the exhaust studs trying to replace them, so just ordered new manifolds ($120 from Advance Auto for the pair with new gaskets, bolts, studs, etc).
    Hopefully I'll be back on the road by the end of this week...
    Summit Racing has the same motor for $2009, but they had a core charge and required return of the old long block. Since mine is all disassembled and just back from the machine shop (was only about $300 more for the new engine than for the machine work), I'll just take it alll to the scrap yard for weight and try to sell or give away anything that is still good.
    Just throwing it out there... Jegs was the best price and the engine was delivered in 2 days (free shipping).
    Because I live on a windy, dead-end street in the mountains, I met the delivery truck (18-wheeler) at a truck stop and he put the crate on my little flat trailer.

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