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    Here's the deal. I have an 07 Sierra Classic SLE1500 with 86000kms. I am thinking about an 05 6.6L diesel SLT but it has 225000kms. I tow a 17ft camper trailer quite a bit. I can do this exchange with almost no money out of my pocket. Should I go through with this? Is the diesel worth it? That sure is a lot of kms on the diesel.
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    That is only 139K miles... Those trucks last well into 300K miles or roughly 490,000kms, a Diesel does get better economy, but it costs a bit more for fuel filters, and oil changes. However with a 17ft trailer that isnt even going to bother a Diesel, where you most likely notice it behind your Sierra. However your truck has a lot of mods, and only has 53K miles.. Sorry about having to do the conversion but that is how i made sense in my head. I guess i would look at the book value of these trucks and compare.. Also if the diesel is well taken care of and in great shape but completely stock i would try for an even trade.
    And the Diesel is equipped the same as yours right??
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    The diesel is only missing the sunroof. BUT......

    It has dual exhaust, lifted 6", 35" tires, leather, LED tails.

    It just kinda feels like I'm downgrading because it's an older truck with more mileage. I will take a look at it and see how I feel.

    Oh yeah,
    I have only had my truck for about 9 months but I drove my dad's diesel home from Florida (22hrs) and after that drive I said if I could get a straight exchange then I would do it cause I loved it that much. I couldn't believe how much better the diesel was on fuel.

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