Need parts diagram for 1998 Suburban K1500

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    Anyone know of a site that has the parts diagram for the LS trim on a 98 Suburban? Got a leak in the rear heater line and cannot find the part. The leak is in one of the two metal tubes that run along the frame that have rubber hoses made on to one end. I took the line off and had it welded (the edge of the cat was rubbing against it and made a hole) but it lasted only a year or so.
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    Thanks! I found a drawing on line that showed the part but no part number or description. GMpartsdirect was able to identify it so I do not have to resort to "rigging it". Thanks again for the the help.
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    Part arrived today from It was less than $100 including shipping. Another on-line parts outlet sold the part for $89 but when I went to checkout, the shipping charges were $125 and I had to pick it up at the UPS hub! Thats right, over $200 and I have to go get it.

    For the record, the Auxiliary heater has at two separate sections of hose/tube running down the frame on the passengers side. Each section has two hoses (supply and return). The section beginning in the engine compartment is # 15971649.

    Thanks to all for their input.

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