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  1. I was just wondering whats a good place to shop where i could find a posi system for 373 gears need them to be cheap but reliable Im putting it in manually i just need em.... i cant find any on ebay either
  2. MrShorty

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    1st question: What do you mean by "posi-track?" Originally, the term posi-track or posi referred to GM's clutch type limited slip. Nowadays, a lot of people will use the term for any kind of traction aid (limited slip or locker or spool).

    If you are limiting yourself to clutch type limited slips, Eaton's LS seems to come highly recommended. It's moderately aggressive, and the clutches can be replaced when they wear out.

    If you are willing to consider an LS without clutches, the Detroit Truetrac comes highly recommended. It's a geared type LS, so there are no clutches to wear out.

    Most any limited slip option will require replacing the carrier, which means at the very least checking the gear set-up to make sure it's right, and often times you'll need to set-up the gears, which adds difficulty to the installation. If you are interested in a mechanical locker, a cheaper, easier option might be to consider a "lunchbox" locker. These units replace the spider gear within your existing carrier. They are usually cheaper to purchase, and installation is simpler. Examples would be a Detroit EZ locker or a Powertrax Lockright.

    As far as where to shop, there are any number of on-line vendors selling differential and 4wd parts. Randy's ring and pinion ( seems to be one of the easiest sites to navigate and browse what's available. Of course, there are any number of 4wd magazines that are filled with advertisers trying to sell this sort of thing.
  3. Thanks... Im going to check these sites out, i just needed something that can make my truck go faster but not be a MAJOR change to it... anyways thanks for the help.
  4. Z71_guy

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    "posi track" wont make your truck faster, you will just have better traction
  5. rmagni

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    Mr. Shorty I have a 3.23 geared rear end in my 2008 silverado regular cab v6 auto 4x2 I was quoted 1200 dollars to re gear my truck the dealer installed 20" Tahoe wheels and 275/55-20 tires and it is lacking power I found a 3.73 rear end from a salvage yard with around 1K miles for 650 plus freight which is the better way to go? here is a link to the e-bay listing.

  6. MrShorty

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    I don't know. How do you define better? If better=cheaper, then it is usually cheaper to buy a used rear end (though, in this case maybe not after you pay shipping and installation. would you be installing the rear end yourself?), though you are dependent on the person/yard selling the rear end to honestly represent compatibility and condition. If you buy new gears and install, you will (should??) get new parts and a professional installation -- it depends on how much you trust the shop doing the work for you. With these kind of variables at play, I find it hard to give a blanket "this option is always better" response to this kind of scenario.
  7. rmagni

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    I would install it myself I would not be able to get the locker and the gears for that price. I hear good and bad about the Eaton G80. I have never had one before any experiennce with them?
  8. MrShorty

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    I, too, hear good and bad about them. I hear more bad than good, but forums like this have a tendency to accentuate the negative. My own G80 worked as advertised until it blew up. It seems that most of the problems with breakage are with the smaller 10 bolt G80. The bigger 14 bolt axle doesn't seem to have as many problems breaking.

    If a locker or limited slip is important, the G80 is almost certainly what you will get from the junkyards, because that is the factory choice. My personal choice for "better" when I had to rebuild mine was to spend the extra money and rebuild with an aftermarket diff. I didn't feel it was worth it for me to put a lot of money into another G80. It depends on how you plan to drive, but my opinion of the G80 isn't so negative that I would say never buy one. A G80 would likely hold up better to your V6 than my V8.
  9. reply

    No posi track wont make my truck go faster.... but what takes off faster one wheel spinning at 50mph or two wheels sinning at 50 mph... traction is speed
  10. rmagni.. thanks for the link... but im still young i should and probably will wait to get a good quality system... and i was wondering how does the truck treat you, i look all over the place for a newer v8 because i heard the newer v6 from 04 up were not the best and gave some problems i was just wondering because with a good turbo or supercharged kit and with 3.73 gears would make that beauty fly, anyways i was just wondering cuz it probably would have saved me a good amount of time to just get a v6 and not regret it

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