Need replacement back seat for 2009 LT

Discussion in 'Chevy Impala Forum' started by Bowtie_brain, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Bowtie_brain

    Bowtie_brain New Member

    A family member had an uncontrolled bodily function occur in our back seat (bench type). It soaked all the way through to the soundproofing pad that is in the bottom of the pan. It occurred 3 hours from home, so it soaked in for awhile. We are doubtful that the smell can be eliminated, so are looking for a replacement. Salvage yards have been no help, nor has one of the local dealers for a new one. I have only found black leather in a lot of parts from 26 different cars. Ours has gray fabric upholstery, so the leather really isn't what I am looking for, much less 26 of them. Any other ideas?

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