Need solid buying advice for a used 4WD diesel Chevy Suburban

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    I'm in the market for a diesel 4WD Chevrolet Suburban. I'm starting a business this spring in which I'll be guiding natural history hikes on conservation land on the island of Nantucket off the southeast coast of Massachusetts. I'll be taking out small groups of around 6 or 7 people at a time, which makes the Suburban a pretty good fit for a people-hauler I want to spend no more than $9,000 on this vehicle and I need some advice from any of you knowledgeable Chevy Suburban owners and mechanics out there.

    I need to know what general mechanical issues I should be concerned with in these older Suburbans. Naturally, I'll try to get one with the lowest mileage possible for the price, but doesn't a diesel engine last much longer than a gas engine? What model years do you guys recommend? Which engines; the 6.5L or the 6.2L? Which used vehicle buying platform have you found to be reliable and fair such as eBay, Craig's List, or Or are there better ones you would recommend? How about a government auction web site? And, basically any other issues you might want to tell me about.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

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    My advice... Avoid the diesel and go with gas.
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    Do Diesels usually last longer than a gas engine, yes unless its a GM vehicle where both last forever in the auto world. Finding a diesel Burb is very hard especially in New England were diesel fuel is expensive. You would be much better off with a Burb that has the 350/5.7L engine from any year 80's- 90's. The trucks with the best MPG if you care are the Burbs built after 1996 which also have the most HP. Any search site is useful or can be dangerous if you don't do your homework or ask the right questions. Also if a deal looks too good to be true then scrutinize the hell out of it.
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    The fuel pump modules on the injection pumps are junk. Even the newer updated ones have problems, less, but the problem still exists. They stall randomly once the module starts to go bad. Various companies sells FSD (PMD) relocations kits to help keep the module cool, and it helps. I relocated mine to a couple different places over the years, and while it slows down the module failure, it is still there. Other than that, the 6.5 is a great engine. Best bet, if you buy one, is to get the Heath Diesel Relocation Kit immediately. Remove what module is on there and keep it, and the tools to swap it, in the truck. With mine, it usually stalls, then you wait a minute and it will run fine for the rest of the day. Sometimes its a fight to get it going again, this is with the improved updated module.

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