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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by SledHead, May 15, 2009.

  1. SledHead

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    i have a 98 silverado and want a cb i have been looking at uniden and i think thats what im going 2 go with but i have no i dea for the antenna my buddy has a 102" up at his junkyard that he going 2 give me but i dont know if that just overkill for me. any help is appreciated and how hard is it to install the cb?
  2. tbplus10

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    CB install is easy, two wires and one cable to hook up.

    Power, I recommend a key on wire so you dont ever forget and kill the battery.
    Ground, any good metal surface under the dash will work.
    Antennae, coax cable, run it under the carpet beside the door sill to the back of the cab, exit the cab at one of the factory pop-out plugs and mount the antennae to the inside lip of the bed wall, or you could go all the way to the bumper.
    102" whip will work ok, after hooking everything up get an SWR meter and check the system out.
    If the 102 is to tall for your taste you can buy something like a Fire Stick or similiar shorter antennae, just remember to tune it to the radio with an SWR meter when you change it.
  3. SledHead

    SledHead Rockstar

    sweet thank you for the help
  4. dangerous dave

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    before you get too carried away you need to know a few things. yes there is only a hot and ground, yes there is a coax cable but for optimum performance there are some little things you need to know. the antenna mount needs to have a good ground, that is a must. second the coax cable needs to be 18 feet long, that is what my radio man says, the 102" whip is good but you have to always pull it down, a wilson 2000 or 5000 are also excellant choices as well and if you want to spend the money, monkey made are probably the best. you will also have to calibrate the swr's to get out as far as possible. then if you want to get out farther you need to find a cb shop that can "peak and tweak" your radio. that consists of boosting how far you get out and receive. as for the best radio on the market you can't get 2 truck drivers to agree but my choice is a cobra 25. it can do anyhting you want to and is highly upgradeable, it really sucks to dump a couple hundred for a radio that needs a couple hundred more to make it send and receive good( example..any galaxy cb) that is for cb bands 40 channels, if you are going to use side bands then a uniden grant or cobra 148 are good choice, that is for talking all over the country.. both uniden and cobra are made by the same company now and are pretty much the same radio. to peak and tweak means to make sure the frequencies are on as some out of the box radios are off a bit and it inhibits the distance you can send and receiveas well as make some minor changes to the power output and some other stuff..check with a radio man..the best place is to get it done at a truckstop i don't know where you live but if you let me know i can direct you to a radio shop

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