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Discussion in 'Chevy Equinox Forum (GMC Terrain)' started by Hard_Nox, Apr 8, 2010.

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  1. Hard_Nox

    Hard_Nox New Member

    Ok boys help me out with this one. Have had no major problems with my 06 Nox since day one. Well the other day had to stop for some gas, fueled up and hopped in to start her up....Nothing no clicking of the starter just dash lights. My starter had been giving me some grief so I figured it was the starter. Took it off sure enough starter had some issues. Purchased a new starter installed it turned the key nothing, nadda, zip, zilch. I can hear the starter try to engage with the flywheel but do not hear the starter turning. I am getting 10.4 volts at the starter and just over 8 volts at the plug that goes into the starter. Checked the battery the terminals were clean the voltage was a little low so I tried to jump start the sucker with no luck. Took the battery to be tested. Battery tested fine. New starter tested fine. So as of right now my truck will not start and it is having some other issues the stereo is not playing, went to unlock my doors with my fob the horn started honking very fast and not a full volume. I hoped inside and tried to start the truck no luck, as I was getting out I pushed my fob to lock the doors, I heard a relay under the dash going crazy kept clicking away for about 20 seconds before finally shutting off. Some one told me to have my ECM checked? Not sure how to test an ECM or even where it is located. Has anyone had any problems similar to this? Thanks for your time.
  2. TrailLeadr

    TrailLeadr Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Testing the ECM would be done by your dealer. It's not something you would be able to test.
  3. Hard_Nox

    Hard_Nox New Member

    Is the ECM something I could remove. Trying to avoid a tow bill.
  4. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Those voltages sound low. You should have 12v at the battery and at the starter. If you have 12v at the battery, and 10v at the starter, I'd check the battery cables/terminal. They can corrode beneath the insulation so don't just do a visual inspection.

    With a remote starter switch, you can bypass the truck's starting circuit and test the cranking of the starter while it is installed in the vehicle. With the key in the on position, the starter should crank strong and the truck may start as long as there is no other ignition issue. If it doesn't turn over normally, then the battery cables are suspect.

    You didn't mention if you were getting any spark. Test for spark and report back.

  5. Hard_Nox

    Hard_Nox New Member

    Yes I am getting spark.
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  6. Hard_Nox

    Hard_Nox New Member

    Can I turn the key on an crawl under the car and try to short out the posts on the starter?
  7. Hard_Nox

    Hard_Nox New Member

    Figured it out boys. My local Autozone told me my battery was fine, so me trusting this individual went on and tried all this other bs, just to finally end up taking it the shop where they discovered the battery had a dead cell. New battery and everything was fine. Thanks for the help guys. Looks like I am an Advance guy again. Went to Autozone cause they were closer. ME STOOPID. Cost me more in the long run.
  8. NoxNoob

    NoxNoob New Member

    This seems to be a common thing these days. Back in the stone ages (really not that long ago), when a battery was low or had a dead cell the engine would at least turn over slowly but it seems that newer vehicles jammed with electronics just simply shut down when the battery gets weak.
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