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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Oxyclean89, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. Oxyclean89

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    Hi im new to this forum and needing some help. I have a 94 chevy silverado with a 454 swap. Recently i broke my timing chain and luckly I didnt break anything. Put new chain and gears in it ran fine for a few days, then started having timing issuse. I set my timing to two degrees advanced and stop having problems. Then a day later on my way to work i started to loose power. Rebuilt the TBI unit and set my timing again. Ran great then few days later left for lunch and truck wouldnt start. I know i have spark and fuel because the truck will try to run. Adjusted the timing again and now i cant get it to start, any ideas?
  2. dedmon27

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    this might not help but did you change the ecm out for one for the 454? Since you still have the TBI you are still have all or some computer control. I'm wondering if the ecm is learning the new perameters, and it's changing for the old engine combo. Don't know I might be off my rocker.
  3. Oxyclean89

    Oxyclean89 New Member

    Ya i bought the engine complete with transmission and ecm. I unpluged the brown and tan wire before adjusting the timing and also unhooked the battery after i was done. Then hooked everything back up.
  4. dipstick

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    Are the injectors pulsing? Check fuel pressure ..fuel filter.. can you hear pump run ?
    How does spark look yellow or nice bluish color? Did you connect all grounds good?

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