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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by sethwell, May 20, 2010.

  1. sethwell

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    I recently got power window installed in my '09 Silverado work truck. the panels were the WT panels without any switches or anything. well the shop that installed it must have been in a hurry or just didn't care and put the switches towards the rear of the armrest and every time i would rest my arm it would hit the switch causing the window to roll down. very annoying. not to mention the switches they used were bulky and ugly in my opinion.

    so i found some nicer push/pull switches from the same manufacturer that would work with the same wiring harness. no fuss replacement with them. i ended up moving them to the front of the armrest were my hand rests on them. now i can actually use them comfortably without having to break my arm when i want to roll my window down.

    ok, now i have the switches in the right place, they look a lot better but i have another problem.

    a big frickin' hole in the armrest or some ugly useless switches in the rear of the armrest. I've been trying to think of something that i could place in the hole to cover it or maybe have some kind of cup type thing that i could place into it but really can't think of anything.

    about the only thing i can think of would be some stake pocket covers or go pull out some old ashtrays like they had in older vehicles. and yes i have thought about getting new door panels but really don't want to spend that much money to fix it. any ideas would be great. thanks
  2. sethwell

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    well the stake pocket covers were not as large as what i was told so they are not going to work, but on the brightside, i now have 4 stake pocket holes with covers on them now. lol

    i've given up on finding a plug for it and now am thinking of filling the hole with some kind of backer and filling with epoxy or something and then covering the armrest with some vinyl carbon fiber or something. has anyone used neffywrap fiber? it looks pretty good and i am also looking at some from as well.

    here are some pics of the new and old switches and a pic of the hole.

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  3. trapperdon

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    i'da taken it to the manager of shop BEFORE you changed it out and made them switch it with new armrests :rules:
  4. sethwell

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    wow why didn't i think of that? i did, at length. you can't just easily pop in a new arm rest on these panels. they are one solid piece of molded plastic stuff. i did try and get them to do that and they would not go for new panels, they put it back on me for "not specifying exactly" the location. i did tell them i wanted them on the door armrest and only a complete moron would have put them in the location that they put them in.

    i got the switches for free out of the deal and still have the old ones that i can try and sell to someone. i also got about 10% off, after talking it out with them. they offered to put a patch plug in them but the one they showed me looked like crap and i was through with them anyway. they talked a good game when i was looking into them, but the guy that did my install just did a piss poor job of it.

    they are in and working now i am just moving on with it and trying to make the best of it. i was just looking for input into what some others might have ideas for them.

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