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    I want to get rid of my straight-pipe (yes, i actually thought itd sound good) problem is that it sounds decent, but now im losing MPG's like its my job and the low end power isn't there. I'd like to get the flowmaster super 40 series. I want something loud. Reason being I'm going with the 40 and not the 44 is that if your towing, you'd want the 40 over the 44 because the 40's got slightly better flow-came straight off the phone from a flowmaster tech. Anyway, The IN/OUT on the muffler is 3.00. And what do you know, the stock piping is 2.75. So I've got a small problem. Is there any way i can avoid a muffler shop? I've talked on the phone with jegs/flowmasters/etc and they said that is an option. But I found this off jegs which the sales rep said "no, sorry we don't have anything likt that.
    I understand the objective of the product, but at the same time i don't. And note that I would need two, considering I'd like to keep the original tail pipe. So, is my best bet to buy those two for 24/change? Or is that even possible, leaving me with the option of getting it expanded/muffler shop job?

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    i'd like to delete this thread because i forgot i already had a similar thread up like this. so if any admin sees this and wants to get rid of it..its all yours

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