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Discussion in 'Games Forum' started by Crakums_GT, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Crakums_GT

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    I'm supposed to go pick up my 1952 chevy tomorrow but my wife is starting to have second thoughts on the matter. She has a hard time making "big buys" (spending over a couple of hundred dollars on things) and I'm hoping I can get some help from some fellow GM lovers. We definitely have the money and who can pass up a $550 running 52 pickup especially with two engines just in case the one in it won't fire up? Let's get some motivational speeches going here lol. Hope this works. Any help much appreciated. I plan on having her look at this thread tomorrow while she's at work.

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  2. Springthing

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    Dearest Mrs. Greg-

    A good day to you. I write this post in hopes of having you agree to purchase the '52 Chevy.

    Although the truck might appear to be a luxury and 'not worth spending money on' please understand that the purchase for the money is a lot more than the chunk of metal you will be seeing and possibly bringing home with you.

    You see what you will be buying is a piece of history that is fast moving into the distant past too quickly. That is the fluffy answer.

    In reality - what you are purchasing is weeks, months, and years of enjoyment. Everything from purchase to the day you drive it for the first time around the block to the day you go out to see it in new, fresh, shiny paint. What else could you buy that would offer years of enjoyment for under $600? How many board games would you have to purchase to have your husband occupied and happy for years to come? If a movie costs $8 to go (plus $4 for the popcorn, $3.50 for the small drink!), how many hours of enjoyment would your husband get out of working on a project truck like the '52 he is looking at? For just the ENTRY fee to the movies, your husband would have to see 68 movies. That may sound like a lot but that's 104 hrs worth.

    Would your husband spend more than 104hrs tinkering, restoring, driving, and just generally playing with the truck? I would say yes.

    How many CDs could you buy? At an average of $15 a pop, that's only 38 CDs! 38 CDs for all the enjoyment your husband will be getting out of that truck.

    In the scheme of things I hope you see that $550 is a drop in the bucket when you think of how much fun Greg will have out of this truck. It's a great investment for what he will be getting out of it.

    It's worth every penny.
  3. pmf608

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    A 1952 Chevy for $550 is a steal! This is your chance to own a piece of American history - a classic general motors vehicle. Imagine the joy you will get out of this vehicle once you have it. Don't forget its value - both sentimental as a classic piece of history vehicle, and monetary, as a 52 chevy is worth far more than $550, especially with two engines. Think of what you will be missing out on if you don't buy it.
  4. TRPLXL2

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    My family is a total car nut family, ESPECIALLY with the classic cars. Every time my dad buys another classic car or truck, my mom starts the whole money speal.

    "Honey what do we need another car for?" (MOM)

    "It's a collector's car, it will do nothing but make money." (DAD)

    "Why don't we just invest in some good stocks or something instead?" (MOM)

    "Oh come on mom what could one more car hurt? Pleeeeeeeeeease?" (Me being my usual persuasive self)

    My point is that everyone goes through that doubting stage, but it really is a good investment. The 50's era cars and trucks have some of the best resale values, my dad has done nothing but make money on his 57' Bel-Air and our other vehicles. My mom usually forgives him when he makes a couple thousand selling it down the road, but 90% of the time he keeps whatever he buys. Take a look at these pictures and tell me that they don't appeal to you to some degree, this is what is possible for your 52' Chevy! :great:

    This first picture is of a 1953 Chevy truck, fully customized and absolutely gorgeous. It took first place in the 2004 Super Chevy Nationals at Norwalk Raceway.


    This is a front and back picture of a 1957 GMC 3100 pickup, it has a 3" lift kit with many upgrades. I know these aren't a 1952 Chevy, but it will give you a good idea of what it could look like when finished.


  5. Crakums_GT

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    Do you know what kind of engine he has sitting in that 53? I am really liking that truck. Too perty for me though. I wouldn't want to drive mine if it were that perty.
  6. cascott325

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    Mrs. Greg... do you wear nike? Then just do it!
  7. bry2500

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    $550, I spent that on eating out on my vacation for 4 days. That is money I will never see again, nor enjoy more than once. With this purchase you will be able to enjoy it time and again and also watch it do nothing but appreciate in value. Definitely this is a must buy. I emplore you to let your husband purchase this vehicle to keep it from being snatched up by some non gm enthusiast who is just looking for a cheap beater.
  8. Jimmiee

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    It's not worth getting a divorce over a $600 Truck. Don't buy it!

    Your Marriage Councilor :heart:
  9. vncj96

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    Just say its YOUR money and you will do as you please, works ever time!:rofl:

    Then duck!!
  10. Springthing

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    ...or in my case - twice!

    muahahahaaa!!! Sorry, I couldn't help that one!

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