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    I'm planning on heavily modifying my truck over the next year. Getting my true dual exhaust done this week. Then I'm planning on pulling all the interior and rubberizing the whole floor of the truck as well as the wheel wells. Then (this is the big job) I am planning on cutting the fenders and using fiberglass to flare them (both front and back). I want them shaped kind of like the new body styles but with a little more wheel coverage. I can do everything except for the flaring of the fenders. Does anybody have any idea where I should start? I don't know if I would trust a normal body shop with something like that and Minot, ND doesn't have any customizing shops that I know of. Also any of you that are knowledgable in the body work area, is fiberglass the best way to go? Is there another way of doing it easier or cheaper? Any help on this subject would be great, thanks. Also any other ideas on mid budget mods would be great. I'm planning on eventually building a custom bull bar also but I want to get this part done first. One step at a time. Thanks in advance guys.

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