Need three wheels and lug nuts. Good source?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jerryrig, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. jerryrig

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    I just purchased wheels/tires off a 2009 CHEVY 3500 DUALLY. Owner lifted the truck and upgrade the wheels/tires. He used two stock wheels for the inside back and 16 lug nuts. I got seven tires but only four are mounted so ideally I need three 17" wheels and the 16 late model lug nuts. I am putting them on a 91 CREW CAB DUALLY with 16" wheels so they won't help me. Any help would be appreicated. Jerry

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    THEY WILL NOT FIT 100%, they are stud center wheels and yours is a hub center model...they will wooble all over.
    The center hole on the wheels is like 1/8 to big and u never get it perfect, DONT ASK ME HOW I KNOW, PLEASE..hahaha
    If u still want to try it and dont believe me, go to e-bay..u can find them on there !!!
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    Any chance a double thread tapered seat lug nut would work? There has got to be a way to align the wheel. Biggest problem could be with the inside dual wheel. You are the MASTER MECHANIC, Scott, and I am here to learn. Wish I had looked here before making this purchase. Are there any 17" wheels out there that would work on my rig? I now have seven like new (and one IS new) 17" GENERAL GRABBERS.
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    The only thing i can think of that u can do, is to go to a maschine shop and have them maschine u a spacer for the hub..but its going to be a thin one..i tried almost everything and then i decided to just buy some 19.5's of an old frito truck..they are also hub centered and i payed 800 for all 6 with tires..he is still selling those on e-bay aswell !!!!!

    like i said , i tried and had no luck..but i never got to the maschine shop because i found these 19.5's !!!!!!!!!

    and then just sell the tires and wheels u have !!!!

    here is the link from the guy i bought the 19.5's
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