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Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by thresher61, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. thresher61

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    Hey everyone new to this forum looks pretty cool and hopefully I came to the right place. I need ya'lls help. Anyone have a RBP STAR some idiot helped his self to mine. I have been working for 3 hours trying to return grill back to normal. Please give me a call 817-368-1142 I am in Keller Texas but will pay for shipping name your price please be fair my money is skimpy now days or will cash and trade let me know please maybe someone can hook me u:grrrrrr::glasses:p.
  2. AMac

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    The star's are hard to come by. Last month I sold the one I had off my '09 Sierra. Before I sold it I called RBP to see if I could buy just that emblem, they said no. If you need the star emblem,and can't find one, can a metal shop cut you one? It's a fairly easy design, just don't know if they'd recognize the logo and say they can't do it because it would be infringement.

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