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Discussion in 'Chevy S10 Forum (GMC Sonoma)' started by esbmann, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. esbmann

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    My daughter is looking at buying her first 4x4. It is a 2003 S10 Quad cab. I am new to having a 4x4 myself. This truck is in southern KY and they have no snow on the ground right now, she wants me to go down with her Saturday and help check things out. I have a full size 03 Silverado and I can clearly hear a clicking sound of a switch when I engage and it is very obvious that it doesnt want to turn well on dry pavement when 4x4 is engaged. I am assuming that we will either be on gravel roads or dry pavement Saturday. Any advice on thourghly making sure the 4x4 is working properly would be much appreciated. Still learning. Thanks Mike.
  2. Dana W

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    Try to avoid driving on dry pavement in 4WD. It is quite bad for the differentials. Under no circumstances should you back up in 4WD on dry pavement. A vehicle as old as 2003 probably has the type of differential layout which will not slip enough to allow it, thus the rear suspension can "wind up", building damaging tension.

    While in 4WD you should feel a bit more resistance in the steering wheel while turning slowly, and you might feel some torque steer while turning, especially while accelerating.

    I am not sure how you might "test" the 4WD without climbing up something slippery. You might have someone observe whether or not the front tires seem to bite or kick some gravel under brisk acceleration. >> shrug<<. They need a smiley for shrug.
  3. Pikey

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    here it is :neutral:
  4. Guardrail

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    You learn something new every day, don't you?

    Shift it into 4 low. You will definitely see a gear reduction if the four-wheel-drive is engaged. If it will go into 4 low, it will go into 4 Hi.
  5. poncho62

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    Doesnt mean the 4 wheel drive is working, just shows that the transfer case went into low range.......

    You can usually tell that the front axles are getting power when will feel slight binding. If clunking, the CV joints may be bad.
  6. wags391

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    Maybe take some jacks and stands with you. Jack up all 4 wheels and put it into 4wd. That will at least verify the transfer case is turning everything, but you will still need a good road test.


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