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Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by oldbuck, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. oldbuck

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    I am a new member looking for towing capability ratings on a 2014 GMC 1500. I currently own a 2004 Chev 2500HD with Duramax, great truck, no issues with towing my 6300# trailer. Bought the deisel thinking I would buy a much heavier 5th wheel, never did that.

    Looking at new gasoline engine truck to tow the same 6300# trailer.

    GM rates the 2014 1500 as follows...5.3 engine with 3:08 axle 6600# max towing. Now change to 3:42 axle and it changes to 9600# max towing.
    This does not appear credible with an 11 % reduction in axle ratio to gain 45% more towing power with such a small change in gearing.

    Another discrepancy is the 2013 1500-truck with 3:08 axle gearing is rated at over 7000# towing with a less powerful 5.3 engine.

    At some point GM specs are not truthful.

    I sure want to buy the right gearing, darn trucks are pretty expensive for us retired guys, don't want to make a bad choice.

    Anyone who have any thoughts on this?

    Also would like to really like to talk to someone in GM with real technical knowledge not just some fluff marketing weasel , anyone have contact info I could use?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. SupplySgt

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    Wish I could help but I don't know enough about these newer trucks. I know I'm fixing to build a new motor for my Burb as I don't think the TBI will be up for the task (nor will the 10 bolt rear either). If I was planning to pull more often than I am I'd probably go for the diesel swap. Hopefully someone can pipe in with some info though. That being said, I wouldn't be comfortable pulling a ton of weight with anything taller than a 3.42.
  3. mfleetwood

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    I moved your thread here as this should get you more responses/opinions. Sorry, but I do not have any of the answers.

    Good luck!....And welcome to the Club!!!

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    In my 2011-5.3 Silverado I just completed towing my 29foot-5,500 pound travel trailer around the U.S. The total towing miles were a little over 8,000. It has the 3.42 axle and did just fine. I had ZERO issues with the truck as well as the trailer. FYI-there are not any standards on how tow ratings are determined for specific trucks. The industry was trying to come up with some, but it hasn't gone anywhere. You will be fine with the 3.42 gears. Here is a little info-
  5. oldbuck

    oldbuck New Member

    Gas mileage while towing?

    Thanks for your response.
    Please tell me the average gas mileage you had while towing your trailer with the 3.42 axle ratio on your truck.

    CKNSLS Rockstar 100 Posts

    The towing mpg under normal circumstances was between 10-13mpg. If there were hills or a strong headwind I saw as low as 8mpg. Most towing (back in the Eastern U.S.) was pretty much flat.

    Solo driving-14 to 15 around town and if I kept it at 65-70mpg I can achieve 20mpg on the highway. I did put an additional 10,000 miles on my truck over and above the towing because we did extensive "touring" using the truck on our trip.
  7. buckmeister2

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    towing thoughts...

    Buck, the reason there is so much disparity in the various years towing info is not because of the vehicle design, but because of the way people use the vehicle when towing. Think of it as someone selling a 747 airliner to a person who has flown a Piper Cub, once. The factory has no way of knowing what the vehicle owner will try to do with their truck and trailer. Just yesterday, I saw a guy in an older GM 6.5 diesel towing a 24' flatbed loaded with auto parts. The trailer was actually bowed front and rear from the weight, and all four trailer tires were bulging at the sides. You can't fix stupid! I have seen the 2014 1500 series 5.3 2wd towing spec stated as high as 11,500, which seems nuts to me. If you stay at 7K or so, with a 3.42 or 3.73, you will be fine. You will likely notice quite a bit of power loss on steep mountain roads, especially at elevation over 6,000 feet. But, your new truck will handle it. Having said that, it will be nothing like towing with your D-max, so you should give that a lot of thought.

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