Need Wheel/Tire help for 08 Silverado with Leveling Keys

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Silver08, May 22, 2009.

  1. Silver08

    Silver08 New Member

    im new to the forum and was wondering if i can get everyone's help. i have an 08 silverado extended cab 4x4 and am looking to upgrade my wheels and tires plus add a leveling kit. which kit would you guys recommend? also, im looking to run 20inch eagle alloy 064 wheels with 33" Toyo Mud Terrains, would this be possible? if not, what backspacing and offset should i look for in a set of wheels? what is the largest size of tire i can run? appreciate everyone's help!
  2. bob13

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    The rubbing issue is very very affected by the rims you use. I have 275/65/18s. I put them on a set of ULTRA Motorsports Rogues and had absolutely no rubbing issues at all. That is aboiut a 32.4" tire by 11.5" width. They had a backspaciing of 24mm, and the rim was 8.5" wide. That is pretty close to the factory rims which have a backspacing of 31mm and are 7.5" wide. I switched rims to Dick Cepek DC1s. That rim is 9" wide with a back spacing of -13mm. They JUST BARELY do not rub at full lock. If I hit a pothole while in reverse turning they do manage to rub a little. So basically if you want no issues at all the 275/65/18 is just about as big as you can go depending on the rim you use. I you want to compare different rim and tire combos just type "tire size calculator" in to your web browser and you will find a lot of calculators you can use to compare sizes between 17", 18", 20" or any other size wheel and tire combos you can think of. That will let you compare the overall diameter and width. My tire/wheel combo is (like I said) 32.4" X 11.5". Good Luck, I hope this helps.
    P.S. I think the 33s will rub even with the factory rims. If I can help you more just let me know!
  3. Silver08

    Silver08 New Member

    so would my wheel/tire set up be too much? if so, what wheel/tire set up can you recommend to provide an aggressive look? as for the wheels, is 4.5" backspacing too much? what about offset, what range is best? im trying to get that "lifted look" where the tires stick out from the fenders and give the truck a mean look.

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