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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by k3500les, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. k3500les

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    :grrrrrr:I have a 94 chevy K3500 6.5L 4x4 with a standard tranny . I have blowen slave cylinders and clutch masters left and right . I though i had a bad clutch i pulled the tranny out and the clutch was fine. One of the springs on the dual mass flywheel was busted .So i changed that put it all back together and keep trucking .About a month or 2000 miles went by and i blew anothe slave . I went to change the slave and i pulled pices of busted spring out of the bell housing .The pedal has always been hard . When trying to put it in gear the truck will pull forward when my foot is on the clutch and the brake and i try to put it down in to frist .I was told to look at the ball in the bellhousing the fork rides on . I am looking for a used bell housing and any suggestion anyone has .
    I also have a bad shaking rattling sound in the front end i have changed vac pump,ac pump and powersteering .It only dose it at a idle and as soon as i hit the pedal it gose away till it gets back to idle .please help have to have my truck fixed by the end of the year so i can get back to work .
  2. okysmokey911

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    The rattle could be a pulley. Thats what my rattle was. As for the clutch system, sounds like you have way too much pressure building up... bleed the lines and see what happens.
  3. tbplus10

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    Sounds like your clutch isnt disengaging all the way, check your pedal adjustments if its continually putting pressure on the slave cylinder this could cause premature failure of the slave and master.
    Also make sure your using the proper fluid and have the system bled correctly.
  4. Jimmiee

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    If you want to fix this problem loose the dual mass flywheel! You will solve both problems at the same time. Luk makes a replacement single piece flywheel. Also replace the master and slave with a Luk set and you're done. <G>
  5. k3500les

    k3500les New Member

    I got my 6.5 apart and like u said i should replace the dual mass. But what i found is the clutch fork and pivot ball were woren and only moving half way .Which cause to much pressure and the reason for my slave faluirs. I am looking for a place to buy the pivot ball but that one is hard to find .If u know where i can get a PMD (fuel driver) for reasonabily price all i found were exspencive..Do u have to pump the intake to change the PMD?
    Thats for all the help guys
  6. dirtplay1975

    dirtplay1975 New Member

    dont rule out the rattle as a loose bracket or even something in the suspension/ sheetmetal. I imagine the desil will create some harmonig vibrations that could cause a vibration at idle and of course abouve idle be smoother, so you might also look at other alternatives before you drop alot of cash chasing the rattle. I'v been down the slave cyl/ mast cyl route on my 89 before too, it all worked fine when I yanked the V6 to drop in a 5.7L and once bolted together without breakin any lines I had no pedal, wouldnt bleed out. New parts fixed it for about a month then same thing, second set of new parts and its still working now, btu also my clutch pedal has never been hard like yours. I assume you have tried greasing the zerk that is on bellhousing for the clutch fork pivot, i suppose if its terribly dry it could provide resistance, just a thought

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