NEEEEEWWWWWBBBBBBB wanting to upgrade system

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  1. OK so i want to upgrade my sound system from STOCK. :sign0144:

    basically before i run out and buy the head unit/amps/subs i want to know what all i need to keep all my OEM features (IE onstar/bluetooth/chimes/mic, etc) i have already looked at the PAC site and still seem a little intemidated on exactly knowing what to purchace.

    it would be great if anyone who has done this already to their own vehicle could help.

    2011 crew cab silverado lt

  2. randomsandwhich

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    If you want to keep everything like door chimes, turn signal.hazard click noise then you will need OS-4. If you have steering wheel controls you will need the module for that as well (buy speific to make of new stereo)

    Hint: On pull down, select radio replacement to get rid of all the misc. stuff.

    you getting a dvd-nav or just a plain ol cd player?
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  3. I would like DVD nav .. And ye I have steering wheel controls thanks or mentioning it forgot to add it in
  4. Enkeiavalanche

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    Well check out the Kenwood line of Nav's... Also go to for the hook ups..
  5. kburb

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    Walmart acually sells an install kit that includes the correct wiring harness for about 80.00. Woks great for a single DIN radio install. Go and look at a couple of car stereo shops and even best Buy and look and listen, with so many brands, price ranges and personal preferences its hard to say what to buy. Do your research on brands shop around for the best price before you buy and remember you do get what you pay for.

    I myself have Diamond audio D6 subs, MB Quart reference mids & highs, Pioneer head unit and Diamond and MB Quart amps. I would suggest running at least 2 amps with one of them being a 4 channel for the door speakers and a mono amp for the sub and a head unit with at least 3 sets of RCA outputs.

    Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide on.

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