Neo Socket Scam or Real???

Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by AL3X, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. AL3X

    AL3X Rockstar

    well my friend came last night to my house with this ridiculous product that you plug in to your cigarette lighter.
    claims to give you more HP, torque, 10-30% MPG, and better emissions i think this is a scam for sure but i was looking it up and people claim to say it works and others say its BS
    Have you guys ever heard of it? this is the link to it
  2. ippielb

    ippielb Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    complete bogus, there's no way that you can plug something into a 12v cigarette lighter that can do that. All this is is a money grab. Just trying to steal your money for an LED light powered by your cigarette lighter.
  3. Metaluzc

    Metaluzc Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    This is like the "performance chips" on eBay that claim to give you an extra 50HP. Waste of money, hope your friend didn't spend too much.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    x3.....On being a Scam.........The testing was done almost 4 Years ago...I have Not seen this part anywhere....

    Also with the Raising Cost of Fuel today......Chevy....Ford...and Dodge.....Are always looking for ways to Improve Fuel Mileage......

    If for a Minute They thought that this Neon Socket will improve Fuel 10%-30%.....In there Vehicle's......They would be all over this Item.....
  5. silveradotrailblazer

    silveradotrailblazer Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Major scam.

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    Looks like the same thing being sold as the FuelDoctor.
  6. Metaluzc

    Metaluzc Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    And adding another $500-$1000 to the sticker price lol but would be worth it for 10%-30% increase in fuel mileage.
  7. Springthing

    Springthing Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Alex....tell your friend I have an awesome sticker that affixes to the windshield and increases torque and increasing towing capacity. Dirt cheap - $30! :)
  8. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    Fuel economy MPG scams are as old as internal combustion engines.
    When I was a kid-50's-60's-all the"guy" magazines would have ads in the back for 50mpg and 100 mpg carburetors "that had been suppressed by oil companies."

    Now we have
    1)Tornado Turbinators that "spin" the intake air to better FE
    2)Magnets over the fuel line that magnetize to better FE
    3) That gimmick you plug into the cig lighter.
    If something improved FE by 5% the OEMs engineers would put it in your car. The OEM truck engineers fight for .05mpg improvements-they would kill for the 3-5 mpg these lying gadgets claim.They fight to turn 20 rpms less at idle to get maybe .01 mpg improvement. They develop smarter alternators to get .1 mpg improvements.

    I'm a mpg fanatic-(Prius and Suburban owner) and my older 5.7 gets very good hy FE as the OEMs designed it.Just keep the tire pressure ar 43 psi-set the cc to 65 mph and point it and it gets 21mpg on long interstate trips. Current Suburbans/Tahoes -2wd- will get about 23 mpg at 65 mph-level hy, no wind.
    Pulse and gliding will improve city mpg-from 11-12 to maybe 14-15mpg.
  9. AL3X

    AL3X Rockstar

    thats funny because i always say that to all the 4 banger car owners haha
  10. Metaluzc

    Metaluzc Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    Don't forget that pin stripes add 40+HP.

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