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  1. I am wanting to get nerf bars for my pick up and i am not sure what i wnat to get. If anyones got pictures of these on theres with the brands of what they are please let me know so if i like them i could look into them. They have to mount to the frame or body mounts becasue i do not like it when they attach them to the rockers. Thanks
  2. lonelywolf858

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    Mine are black powdercoated from Ebay. I'm not sure what brand (if they even have one). They mount to the body mounts with new hardware. Took about 30 mins to install. I am upgrading when I do my lift and getting wheel to wheel bars so I can get to the bed easier.

  3. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    I have no pictures because I don't have them yet, but I'm planning to get the RBP RX-3 Series Nerfs. They're wheel to wheel and I just love the way they look. You can do a google search for them and find a few pictures. Hunt around on and and you'll find quite a selection, most with pictures.
  4. RAV52202

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    I have found that the oval steps are nicer because they are a little bit lower and not stuck right up under the rocker panels. The round tube ones are nice though. if you have an ext cab i would suggest looking for the steps with the middle support bracket. makes a big difference if you are a bigger person. and go with the ones that bolt up to the cab mounts. easy to intall and look nicer to me. just my .02 cents
  5. Drake_korthos

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    bought mine off of, but I honestly don't remember the brand. They have a pretty good selection though!
  6. lonelywolf858

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    Those look the same as mine. Just generic 3" tubes that bolt to the body mounts. I don't need a name brand and they work great.
  7. Pikey

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    I had the smittybilt chrome nerf bars on my 95. They were still rust free when I took them off last year. They mounted to the body mount bolts.
  8. I have some for-sale as we speak for a single cab lmk if your interested have all hardware and mounts they are "bully" step bars
  9. Strino78

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    I got my extended cab 3" stainless nerf bars from a seller on EBay. He sells "Truck Champ" brand and they bolt right to the body mounts. Have to drill one hole in the frame for a support bracket. Install literally took 20 minutes, by myself. A few minutes would have been shaved off if I had help holding the nerf bar while putting the bolts in -- but that's the extent of the difficulty involved. I paid $120 shipped for my set. They've been holding up for two years. I would recommend them.
  10. Thanks fot the offer but mine is an extended cab and i do not believe that they would fit. Thanks for the offer though.

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