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  1. Just pulled the trigger the other day on a 1999 GMC Suburban 1500 LT 4x4. 146k miles on the clock, everything seems to be mechanically sounds. Interior is another story. Tough shape, prior owner never cleaned it. Seems like a drink spilled and it was left. Kinda sad for mechanically it is great shape. Small tear on leather driver's seat, seat heater also doesn't work. Vanity mirror covers broken (both sides), small tear on center seat (on the back, the side exposed when it is folded down/up). Rear part of headliner has a hole where the dog tried to get out of his cage.

    I am happy, I paid $2k. The vehicle will be a weekend vehicle, hunting, camping, fishing, snowmobiling, etc.

    At this point I am going to do a full detail, then change the following fluids:
    -Transfer case
    -front and rear differentials
    -Brake system flush
    -coolant flush (get rid of the garbage Dex Cool)

    I am planning on getting a leather repair kit for the seats (also dye). I would like to either find at a junk yard the carpet and headliner, not sure if that is a reality or not.


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    The shocks probably need replaced as well. Seems pretty simple, cheap and straight forwards. Blistein HD? Good shock? Yes no?

    Also, see the tail end sag? What causes that and what is the fix?

    I was told by the seller that he installed a transmission cooler. I thought these vehicles had them already, maybe he meant oil cooler? Or an after market tranny cooler?
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    Welcome to the Club and congrats on your new ride!!! You'll enjoy it for all of those things you planned. Glad to see another Coloradian here!
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    Welcome to the club. I would also remove the throttlebody and clean with a throttlebody cleaner and a soft toothbrush, don't use carb cleaner. Change the fuel filter, its on the inside frame rail on the drivers side. These have a tendancy to be forgotten, out of site out of mind. If you change the spark plugs use A/C Delco's only. GM's just seem to run better with A/C's. As far as trans cooler, maybe he installed a bigger cooler.
  4. Thanks guys. I actually already have the fuel filter ordered. I ordered a MANN filter. My other primary car is a VW TDi, MANN makes all the OEM stuff for VAG and are great quality.

    I was just thinking I should clean the throttle body and MAF as well.

    Anyone know how to determine what transmission filter I have? My online parts, shows about 5 different filter options depending on exact model.
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    Welcome aboard! You can get replacement covers for your leather seats but I had not installed them personally. Carpet is available too and the prices are not too bad.

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