New 2011 Silverado in March....About ready to off-load it

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    How many owners tell you how great they are? They "only" sell 50,000 units a month.
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    AFM Annoyance, 94blackcamaroz28, You're Not Alone!

    If you have any friends that work as GM Techs, ask them (privately) how many owners are complaining about the AFM and the 5.3 six speed motor/tranny combo. All GM service people, including a service manager tell me their receiving more negative feedback on those items than they are on all other items combined on the newer trucks. I've asked if they're going to come up with a fix. In short, not likely do to cost. Publicly, they won't admit they've got problems with the newer trucks. Privately, the service guys will tell "OH YEA THEY DO". It's not just the computer, it's also the transmission. That's big money to correct.

    I'm with you 94blackcamaroz28, wish I could dump this thing and start over. Just can't afford it. So, we'll "hope" GM steps up and does the right thing. But, like the other issues many newer owners have had, road/wind noise, rattles, oil issues, rust/corrosion we'll "hope" GM steps up. They've had some issues the last few years.

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    I have seen other posts on the Internet by a small but very vocal group of truck owners. It seems that if you tell these owners that for $300.00 they can get a custom tune and that would "fix" the majority of the issues, they don't want to hear it, they don't want to spend the money, BUT they do wish to come to forums such as these and not come for answers but just to voice their frustrations. Then they always say well other owners say this, the GM techs say this. The only thing I know that is HARD EVIDENCE is that GM sells 50,000 units a month and that says other people are buying these and finding them the great trucks and great value they are. There is one forum elsewhere where 14 (frustrated) people have generated over 1,000 posts. It's beyond me why they would spend so much time complaining instead of spending $300.00

    I guess it's because posting in forums is free.
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    I also have a 2011 Silverado 5.3 with AFM and only 1800 miles on it, and I have no problems with it switching between V4 and V8, my problem is the lack of power, give it some gas after turning or taking off normally from a stop then hit the pedal, the truck is like "who me?" The truck just seems like a dog, and doesnt have the power in the right places, dont know if its all the computer stuff trying to get the most MPG, or the 6 speed, but it is really annoying when I need to step on the gas it just doesn't go. I had a 97 Silverado with 5.7 and 4l60e trans and that truck was a monster, power everywhere thru the RPM's.
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    CKNSLS, I did not come to this forum to get answers. I wanted to see what/how others were doing with their AFM system. I'm not here to start quarrels or fights but just basically to vent. The fact that theses trucks are $35k plus I just feel that GM should do something about it. It's not the fact of spending a mere $300 on a $35k truck, I feel you are missing the message. The problem with spending $300 is that it voids the factory warranty. God forbid that I have a huge problem with the drivetrain, i.e. engine, transmission, 4x4, etc. Because then the $300 could easily become $3-5k all becuase I voided the warranty with this simple custom tune.

    I truly do understand your point, what's $300 bucks compared to $35k? Right?. But try to think on the other side of the coin, it could cost 10 fold if something major happens with a voided warranty.
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    I believe that most custom tune guys offer a lifetime warranty, So if something major happens I would just switch it back to stock, get it fixed and then tune it again. If I had a problem with a new truck I bought, and GM would not fix it, I would almost consider this my only option. I would not want to be stuck in a $35k truck that I hate. I have had a jet programmer(I know, not custom) on my truck and anytime I needed warranty work I just switched it back to stock, had the work done, and reprogrammed it. Have you contacted GM directly? Their customer care has gone above and beyond for me in the past. You will be surprised how quickly your dealer bends over backwards for you as soon as GM headquarters starts asking them questions about your claim. I had a dealer not want to fix a few things for me under warranty (Leather seat stitching torn, Motor and trans mounts, wheel bearings.) One phone call to GM, I was assigned a rep and he took care of it. He was even calling the dealer and I on Christmas and NewYears eve getting my issues resolved. They were all resolved at my next visit.
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    Does the 5.3/6 speed shifting/power issue have anything to do with the real axle ratio? Over the last few months, I've been looking to replace my 2000 Sierra. I've taken a pair of used 2010 trucks out for a test drive. One was equipped with the 3.08 rear axle ratio and the other had the 3.42 rear axle ratio. The constant shifting was much more prevalent on the 3.08 rear axle than the 3.42. The 3.42 had more delayed shifting. Listening to all of these stories along with the poor fuel economy of the 5.3, I might just stick with a 4.8 engine and old 4 speed combo.
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    Sierra silverado afm 6 speed problems


    "Well said."

    You put in words how many, many 2009 2010 and 2011 GM truck owners feel regarding their 5.3 liter six speed trucks.

    You're right, no quarrels. Just fact finding and maybe enough "notice" that GM takes "notice".

    I took the other guy's advice and checked some other truck sites. Lot's of others complaining about the newer Escalade Sierra and Silverado trucks and SUV with the AFM and 5.3 liter six speed.
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    I would hope that Chevy/GM comes up with a software upgrade. My father has an 2006 Dodge 1500 with the Hemi that does the same thing ours does and at first it had issues....many people complained and eventually he got a letter from Dodge saying to take it to a dealer near him for a "software upgrade". Because really, that's all it is, is the programming.
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    "You're right, no quarrels. Just fact finding and maybe enough "notice" that GM takes "notice"."

    First of all, I have searched these very forums you are citing. As on this forum, there are not many that have issues with the AFM. Because of this GM WILL NOT FIX IT. All of you who go from forum to forum hoping to find others with issues don't find them in any large number. All of you have taken your truck to the dealer and have been told by the dealer there are not any issues. If you do a google search, you DO NOT find any large numbers of complaints. Yes, there are a few because you simply can't please everybody. Ford's Ecoboost already has a few blown turbos, the Tundra has bed bounce, the payload on the Dodge is low and the 5.7 guzzles gas more than the 5.3 w/AFM. Again, you can't please everybody.

    How many other forums have you posted on? It's quite obvious by the number of your post here and what you have said you have posted elsewhere.

    GM sold over 45,000 units (Silverado/Sierra) last month. How many tell you how wonderful their trucks are?
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