New 2013 2500HD 6.0L Rear Axle Choice - Which one?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by awtposts, May 3, 2013.

  1. awtposts

    awtposts Member

    Need some feedback on this please.

    Getting new 2013 Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0L engine. I tow a 35' Travel Trailer weighs right at 6000lb loaded.

    Q: Which rear axle ratio does everyone recommend? The 3:73 or 4:10. Would prefer a balance on MPG and Tow Cap since this wont be a dedicated tow vehicle & serve other needs as well.

    Need to make a decision by Sunday for the order.

    We camp on a monthly basis and plan to visit some NC Mountain campsites. Any feedback ismuch appreciated.

    PS: Diesel is out of question, hate them. Can't justify bennies against increased fuel and maintenance costs, exhaust scrubber cost as well as the purchase price. Not in my budget.
  2. zogg

    zogg New Member

    I tow a 7300 pound trailer with the 3.73 gears and ther is no problem except on steep hills...with only 6000 pounds, a 4.10 might be overkill. However, if you were to buy a biegger and heavier trailer in the future, the 4.10s might be nice to have.

    Mine is a daily driver, so I save a little gas with the 3.73....not sure how much, probably 1-1.5 mpg.....i am very satisfied but at 8000 pounds or more I think I would want the 4.10s.

    If I were you and had to make a final decision, I would probably do the 3.73s....good luck
  3. steved

    steved Former Member

    After owning a 2012, 2500HD with 3.73s; if I had it to do over again or was towing regularly, I would get the 4.10s...3.73s wouldn't even be a consideration now. 3.73s are fine for the occasional pull, but if you are planning to tow this on long trips; 4.10s will make it easier. I would bet side by side, the 4.10s would actually get better mileage than the 3.73s since the truck isn't working as hard to maintain speed.
  4. awtposts

    awtposts Member

    Thanks Guys. Appreciate the feedback. Sorry for the late response and all but week has been extremely full but thanks again guys for the info.

  5. WhiteTiger66

    WhiteTiger66 New Member

    i just bought a 2013 Sierra 2500hd with the 4:10's. That is what I was told will tow the best. I do have a question though. What kind of trailer are you towing that is 35ft long and weighs 6,000lbs loaded? Are you sure about that weight? That seems way lite to me..
  6. buckmeister2

    buckmeister2 Rockstar 4 Years 100 Posts

    I would go 3.73. I have used 5.3's to tow the same weight here in the west, where we go from 1500 foot valleys to 11,000 foot passes, and have been able to do that with even the 3.42, though I admit it was not as easy as with the 6.0 and 3.73. I think the 3.73 is a great compromise. Most of the time, you are driving without a trailer, and will appreciate the better mpg of the 3.73. Even if you get a 9K trailer, it will be no problem.

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  7. awtposts

    awtposts Member

    You are correct it will tow more than a 3:73. As for best? Well is more better? or is that relative. For me there was not a W/T with a 4.10 within 500 mi of me. To get a 4:10 required going out of my price range.

    I bought a Palomino Solaire 292QBSK and trailers today are much different than past. They are all light weight and setup more for the 1/2 ton P/U market for obvious reasons. My old 07 Silverado had the 3:23 axle and by the time I would have invested $$$ in a 7 yr old truck to make for better towing in NC Mountains? Made more sense for me to get a 3/4 ton with a warranty, roadside assist etc. when involving the family.

    Link to Trailer is here -

    The scale certificate for my trailer to the dealer (he's picky about this) was 5950lb empty. Now add some residual tank use, food and whatever the family packs to go camping and it can add up in a flash without realizing it. My estimate since I've camped twice now is I'm about 6400lb and max on my 07 Silverado was 6900.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Everyone recommended the 3:73 based on my use scenario and of course the feedback from here. Lots of great info and resources online this site and it's much appreciated. I would have worked the 4:10 in somehow if I knew I would have needed it but I'm nowhere near the 12k lb 5th wheel and full time camping status yet. I'm averaging 15.5MPG now with 1200 mi on odometer. I can live with this.
  8. WhiteTiger66

    WhiteTiger66 New Member

    I did the same thing. I bought 2012 Shasta Revere brand new last year it's 6,300 dry. I had a half ton, Nissan titan, which supposedly can tow a house, NOT. You can tow these with anything but going up hills (mountains) of CT, this thing sounded like it was going to explode at 3k RPMs... So I did the same as you and went 3/4 ton. I think there is a couple things you should know about the loaded weight. First when towing, your passengers and everything in your tow vehicle, except for you counts towards the weight. As far as gear, IDK what i am carrying but between food and everything I am guessing its closer to 500 or 600lbs and if anything more than that, not including passengers. If you are filling water tanks thats about 400 to 500lbs itself as each gallon of water weighs 8lbs. I have had some dealers say you only carry 200lbs of weight and other tell me its between 1500 and 2000lbs. Of course it all depends on what you bring like you said. Couple bikes or 4, firewood, firepit, grill, cooler, heck beer alone can be 300lbs LOL, screen tent drinks, food, chairs, tools, clothes. My best guess is about 1,000lbs plus passengers. But do be aware passengers count.
    Happy camping and good luck with the truck. I'm doing my first tow this weekend so I'll let you know how much different it is. Fingers crossed.

    Oh yeah full propane tanks as well.
  9. RAV52202

    RAV52202 Rockstar 100 Posts

    If it was me I would go with the 4.10. I have 3.73 and i'm not that happy with the way the truck tows.
  10. GuyGene

    GuyGene Member

    I think 4.10 is good.

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