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  1. GiS

    GiS New Member

    Hello everyone!!

    I have a few question I hope you can help:

    1. My ABS light is on, I figures its the wheel speed sensors but since I am cheap and don't like ABS I am not bothering to replace. I have pulled the fuse to prevent random pulsing, but what can I do about this light? A wire to snip? A bulb to pull?

    2. Torque converter, does anyone else with the 480LE trans feel like their torque converter drains back when its cold/recent started in cold weather? Like it slips but as soon as you drive it gently and warm it up a min or two it shifts rock solid...Anyone?

    3. Dual batteries, if the 97 was equipped from the factory, as in has the 2nd tray, should they also already be battery leads wired in? Maybe the previous owner tucked them somewhere?

    4. Anyone run the Flowmaster catback system? I found a good deal locally and just ordered one! Very excited :)

    1997 7.4L 454 Vortec, 480LE

  2. unplugged

    unplugged Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    1. abs light: how about some black tape over the lens?
    2. 480LE: Sounds like a pressure problem. Try a can of Sea Foam Trans conditioner and then change the filter and fluid.
    3. Battery leads: You'll have to supply your own here.
    4. Just put the catback with the magnaflow $340 installed (with new cat)...Loving it more everyday.:glasses:

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