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  1. '99Suburban

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    I just had six new Alpine speakers put in my truck, and when they get just above medium loudness, they start to crackle. When I turn the bass up on the head unit its even worse. The head unit is a Kenwood Excelon that I bought new last summer, and the four front speakers are 6.5's and two speakers by the barn doors are 3x9's. Do I need a new amp? I read somewhere that the factory ones don't throw enough power into the new speakers and they distort at higher levels. My old stock speakers wouldn't even crackle at the level the new ones are crackling at, they starts to crackle at about 22-23, and the head unit goes up to 35. When I use the fader and only use the front two speakers (driver and passenger door) I can get those two speakers up to about 26-27 without crackling, but when I use the fader to only play the back four speakers (barn door and second row door) it crackles at around 23. I'm guessing that the factory amp can't throw enough juice to all six speakers and that's why they crackle. Can anybody reaffirm that so I know what's going on for sure before I bring it to the installer? Thanks
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    Ok first off Which Alpine speakers did you get? Type E,S, or R? 2nd your Kenwood does have a Crossover in it so you can adjust it so the Bass has a cut off and will sound better at higher volumes. But when it does come down to it your new radio only puts out 20-22 Watts RMS X4 . The Alpine speakers would want about 30-50 RMS (if type E or S) to sound good (The Type R about 40-60) You are now taking a 4 Ch radio amp and putting it into 6 speakers.

    If it is the Sub in your sig the factory speakers are 6 1/2 in the doors and 4x10 Crap in the rear roof. It might have a factory Amp in the truck But that to was only enough for the factory Cone speakers.

    Your radio going up to 35 does NOT mean a thing It's just trying to put a higher Volume to speakers but does not have the power to do so.. I would get a 4ch amp for the door speakers and let the radio power the rear roof You will never hear them anyway up front.

    Hope this helps and if it does not you are close to me and we could meet somewhere and talk about it.. I have a few friends with GOOD 12 Volt shops in the area...
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  3. donyms

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    Great advice Enkei, well spoken. :great:
  4. '99Suburban

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    Alright thanks man, that really helped. What's the best amp for the money? I'm not looking to spend over 200 and you know what the hell you're talking about.
    Thanks again
  5. Enkeiavalanche

    Enkeiavalanche Loving the Outdoors Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 5000 Posts

    Ok which speakers did you get? The good thing is that the radio you got has 3 sets of RCA outputs so you can get a good amp or more to customize your system. You could also get into the crossover in the radio and make some Adjustments for better sound for now..
  6. '99Suburban

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    I got Type S
  7. Enkeiavalanche

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    [h=2]Features and Specification[/h]SPECIFICATIONS

    Power Handling
    • CEA-2031 Power Rating: 60 Watts
    • Power Handling Capacity (RMS): 60 Watts
    • Power Handling Capacity (Peak): 240 Watts
    A good amp with about 40-60 Watts RMS would be fine for the Type S, In many years of selling them they would break up after about 50 watts RMS..

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