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Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by reggiecab2000, May 1, 2012.

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    As enki mentioned I don't think your getting 1300 Watts from the amps.

    If you're getting dimming of your lights now you may Consider upgrading the "big 3"(google upgrading big 3").

    To be honest you may c solve any issues your having if any with some alternative methods.

    Iam running 1000w @ 1ohm on my subs and 75w X 4 my other amp on my stock alternator.

    So I guess Iam wondering why you feel you need the upgrade? If you had 5 amps I would say you should upgrade..right now it seems more of s want than a need which is fine if that's what you want.
  2. reggiecab2000

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    yes the big 3 is on my list i have a 50ft roll of kicker 1/0 gauge a friend gave me, just havent got the time with school and finals and work and kid etc.
    the reason is just mainly the voltage drop i have especially when idling, it will drop to 12.0 on long bass notes, the dimming really isnt as concerning, summer is looking to be busy for good work time on my truck lol but i like that kind of stuff

    but i do agree with your no regrets statement as i have learned many time rather get it right the first time then have to come back and redo it
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    Ohio Generator:330-875-6677.

    Although I was not able to get a alternator from them for my application, the owner was extremely helpful and honest, did the calculations for my loads to see what I needed for an alternator. He also told me the aftermarket high output generators won't fit my engine. I did buy a alternator that has almost twice the output of my alternator but it is built into the stock case, from a local builder. He will also discuss with you the idle output of the "high output" alternators (theirs versus competitors) and why Ohio Generator is one of the only places that sells you an alternator that has a written certification of its output.

    I have to agree with a post above. You likely don't need to upgrade to a "warp factor 7" alternator because your loads are not that big. There are some options other than just getting a huge alternator if you have lights dimming on base notes. If you talk to the owner at Ohio Generator, he can discuss your loads and what he thinks you really need in terms of alternator output. You may be surprised how little you need. 3333330-875-66770-875-6677
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    Well said.. Tom or Gus at Ohio are the Guys to talk to when it comes to Alt's.. And if you are ever out in Ohio or a show that they are at Hang with them.. You will have a Blast.....:glasses:
  5. The Heater

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    Don't use Ohio Generator's web site, call them. I guarantee it will be the most productive 15 minutes you spend in your quest for an upgraded alternator. They do not rely on their web site for that much business because they are so well established in the car audio and other industries that use higher output alternators. If you go to the web site, parts of it are under construction, and that is intentional according to Tom.

    I will add that I emailed DC Engineering tech support about what they had for an alternator for my rig. Gave them all the information they wanted to evaluate my truck and my electrical needs (stereo system current draw, trailer accessories, etc.). That was over 3 months ago, and I am still waiting for them to respond. Last time I made a tech support inquiry was to Kicker, and they responded within 2 days. Kenwood responded the next day. I guess DC Engineering does not need my business.
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    Funny, I picked up the phone and called DC Power Enginering and got someone who answered my questions on the spot...
  7. The Heater

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    Maybe you should call them back and tell them to fire the person responsible for email correspondence.

    While you're at it, ask them where their alternators are manufactured, and whether they use US made parts, do they each come with a written test and output certification, and if they have one for a 454 engine. That's what I asked and apparently no one knew the answers.
  8. reggiecab2000

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    well thanks for all the info guys! i will definitely make a phone call as soon as i am able to and hopefully i will be pointed in a happy direction!

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