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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by ahm1127, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. ahm1127

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    I just picked up 2000 Tahoe with 5.3, needs a lot of work but does drive. I was thinking of putting axles from my 1990 Suburban on 2000. Was gonna keep rear suspension set up with the coils but wasnt sure what to do with front end. I was thinking of coilovers.
    What you guys think?
  2. Boonduff

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    The only axle on a 1990 Suburban thats worth swapping would be the full-floating 14 Bolt in the rear of some 3/4 tons. The 10 Bolts front and rear on a 1/2 ton and in the front of 3/4 ton are weak and not worth the trouble. Go junkyard with a 14 bolt and a Dana 60.
  3. ahm1127

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    The solid axle in 90 is a lot stronger than independent in there now isn't it? There is no flex in front Torsion bars. The 90 has 10 bolt rear with 33 now, 35 would be the biggest if I did go bigger. Just using as trail rig, not rock crawling. Was thinking of leaving existing rear in, I have to find out what gears are in each truck now
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    If your gonna spend the effort to put a solid axle under the front of the Tahoe you'd be waisting your time with the 10 bolt.
    It's marginally stronger than the IFS set-up, normally on IFS it isnt the gears that break, it'll be the CV's which can be replaced with a much stronger after market model, or the mounting ears on the diff itself.
    Coil sprung SAS isnt just as easy as pop it in and she works, theres a lot of work to make it handle correctly, and if you dont have the skills and/or experience to do this job you could end up just making a death trap on the road.
    Leaf spring is slightly easier but still requires experience and knowledge to do correctly.
    If you farm the work out your looking at $3k and up depending on the shop (if you supply the axle and major parts).
    Either way a SAS is no minor undertaking where it concerns $$, skills, and knowledge.
  5. ahm1127

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    -The reason I'd like to use the 10 bolt is cause I have them already, I would love to have 14 bolt. I think 14 bolt would be excessive but better to not break on trail. Was thinking only to switch front axle & just regear both of them with selectable locker in rear.
    -I have seen many things break on IFS & the cost to strengthen it & lift it are outragous for what you get in return. If I was to keep IFS I would like to put coilovers in place of torsion bars.
    -I placed solid axle in 85' Ford pick up using leafs (dont know why I sold it) and converted a Jeep Cherokee to all coils using Dana 44 & 9" (family wouldn't fit any more). Both trucks worked excellent on & off road.
    -I try to use the metal I have laying around or shop at SIMMS Steel. I am going to take my time & do my research before I start cutting, the truck has some minor things that need to be repaired now.
    -I will look around & see what axles are going for, just didnt want to over spend.

    Thanks for info Tim

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