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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by jake's silverado, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Did you have to remove the grill to change the bowtie? I wanted to just paint it but mine has a chip in it so I want to just replace it with the same one you did.
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    Yes they would! DW (dear Wife) got these for me so I'm Happy!:great:

    Yes and I have a heat gun... I just hate workin in the cold. It will be warmer here soon so I can wait! I Hope!:neutral:

    Sure sign me up for Tims anytime! Coach isn't coming right?:rofl: OR is there a response here for things you don't say to your spouse...
    Hey Erica is coming for coffee!

    Nope no need to try and convince anyone that you will need a new grill. At the most there is a plastic piece on top of the rad with about a dozen clips (push pin type) that a flat head screw driver will make short work of. I ran out and took some pictures. I will post these very shortly once i get them off my blacberry...
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    Here are 3 pics that may be of use! Picture 1 shows the top of the Rad. You can see the opening and if you have small enough arms you can probably reach through he opening to get this done but i recommend removing the dozen or so pin and clip things as this adds about 5 minutes to the whole time. The last 2 pics are of the back of the OE bowtie. there are 2 locator pins and 3 clips. The clips are released by pushing the center part to release the clip. I had a wooden wedge of the bowtie to keep pressure so the clip wouldn't snap back in. I used a smaller slot screwdriver to release the bowtie from the grille. The billet bowties that someone asked if they were "defective":neutral: are attached by two very small pieces of threaded rod turned into the back/ insert them through the grille apply 2 oversize washers and the 3/8 nuts tightened. Re install the plastic rad cover and you are done. Less than 20 minutes. Now that I think about it I may take it all apart Saturday and apply some thread locker to it! Just so it doesn't vibrate loose!

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    Thanks man that helps alot I thought the OE bowtie was attached the same as the black ones do with a nut on the backside until I got to messing around with it I hope to be making this mod soon and this definately helps. Truck looks great by the way.
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    for the tailgate make sure you clean the area w/ rubbing alcohol, then you can heat up the area w/ a blow drier if nervous. but I would wait until it is at least 10 degrees c.

    Front one looks good I got mine w/ out the border so it's nice to see what it looks like w/out the border.

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    [MENTION=25770]jake's silverado[/MENTION] "I just hate workin in the cold." oh c'mon it will only take 10 minutes or less...LOL:rofl:
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    yeah...I'm partial to the black bowties. Good call!!

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