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  1. My buddy was installing my radio and subs and the end of the whole project we went to go put in my new tailights and as he was pushing one in the top cracked ... i was like you have to be kidden me ... so i called up company and they said just send it back and we'll send you new one in the end im not upset
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    What brand lights did you go with?
  3. Spyder black led taillights .. One of them we put in and it faded with my car perfect
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    I know it's a little bit different, but I had some trouble installing their headlights. Overall I'm pleased but trying to get them in was a little difficult.
    You'll have to share some pics when you get the new lights in.
  5. Yea it is . The setup I wierd cause the hole they have for the reverse light isn't the size for my reverse light
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    What do you mean? Did it come with the nub on top? I know with my tail lights I had to pull it off and had a heck of a time doing so. I called the company (Recon) and they said most of the time the ones in the truck come out so they give you extras. So if you can't get the insert out of the truck use the one on the tail lights.
  7. Is the nub that little black cap they give you ? And i mean where the reverse light is suppose to go the hole is the size for a regular tailight bulb not the small reverse light size And I'm pretty sure I didn't see any extras

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