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  1. Big Burban

    Big Burban New Member

    Good evening everyone! I just recently purchased a 2003 LT Suburban for my wife to travel to visit family while I am deployed. I just had a few questions.

    1, my drivers side armrest is cracked up, I want to switch it with the armrest located on the rear driver side captains chair since that is where my daughters Carseat is and it will never be down. How do I get the armrest off? I looked on a few sites saying there is a retainer clip, some said to pull back the material, on here I saw someone posted to go from the bottom of the seat. anyone have any luck with this or can tell me the easiest way before I jack up her interior, lol.

    2. It threw the engine light on today, I took it down to advance auto and they said the code was fuel lean on both sides, we cleared it out and it didn't come back on. Please tell me this was a hiccup, at worst a fuel filter......please don't say its the pump because I really don't want to drop the tank and replace it, Actually I would be more prone to add an after market pump in the frame rail.

    Thanks in advance for the help. This is my first Chevy, my truck is a lifted f350 7.3l 4x4 crewcab and I rarely let anyone but myself turn a wrench on it, I hope with everyone's help here I can do the same on the burban.
  2. 84fiero123

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    You have to go in from the bottom of the seat back to get at the arm rest clip, not that bad.

    An aftermarket outside the fuel tank does not generate enough pressure to run these newer fuel injected vehicles.

    And oh ya,

    Welcome Aboard. [​IMG]
  3. Big Burban

    Big Burban New Member


    I am working nights this weekend but Monday I will take a look at changing out the armrest.

    The engine light hasn't come back on since I had it cleared:great: so I am hoping it was a hiccup. I was told that the flex fuel engines can do that from time to time being so sensitive, but hey who knows! I'll change out the fuel filter when I change the oil next week. Have any of you run lucas in your trucks? I was going to swap out a quart of oil for lucas, just wanted to get a feel from you guys first.

    Thanks again!
  4. MrShorty

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    Did you clear the code from memory while you had it hooked up? Has the code come back? Even if there is a real problem indicated by the SES light, you won't be able to diagnose it until it becomes more consistent, so the best strategy is to wait and see if it comes back.
  5. Big Burban

    Big Burban New Member

    yes, i had it cleared and it hasn't come back so far "knock on wood!" I'll keep you guys posted...
  6. Jase007

    Jase007 New Member

    It really isn't that hard. I replaced my fuel pump back in 2005 at about 90K miles. FYI, they all seem to die at this mileage.

    Here is the thread and writeup I did.

    PM or ask Qs if you are going this route.
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  7. Kraziken

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    Perhaps we could get a sticky started of the most common failures. I'm leaning closer to buying a newer gereration Burb I think, it would be nice to have a knowledge base to go to for reference.

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